Simple socks for simple minds

When I’m not running the shop, much of my time is spent ferrying the kids around all their activities, and waiting while they complete those activities.  For that time, the best knitting is super-simple and idiot proof.  A child’s self patterning yarn sock fits the bill entirely.

I love a plain stockingette sock, and a self striping yarn makes every row that little bit more interesting.  Hand knit socks are worn by my daughters virtually every winter weekend, and quite often on a cold weekday morning.  Older daughter (the recipient of the socks) was off school sick today, so I finally had an opportunity to photograph these ones.

As usual, the pattern is A Classic Sock from Folk Socks – and I almost know it completely by heart.  The yarn is Maxime Print in colour 5061 – I bought it at Greta’s (the LYS within stone’s throw of our house).  Subject to any wear concerns, I would happily buy it again – it’s lovely and soft, and to my mind, most of the colour ways are more attractive than many self striping yarns.

My older daughter will happily wear hand knitting socks up until the temperature reaches 15° celsius, and then they need to be removed – apparently, we crossed that threshhold during the photo shoot.

In other news, I’ve reached the fusion stage of the Fireman’s seamless hybrid (and another deadline goes sailing by), and the plans for our house renovation continue.  At the moment, we are living in a rented place while we await the departure of our tenants (a long, dull story).  One feature I actually love about the otherwise charmless rental is the cork floor in the kitchen – it’s warm, easy to cook on for extended periods, and doesn’t show the filth too much.  Is there any chance that cork floors are the next big thing, and that I’ll be ahead of the rest in installing one in our renovated house?  Please???

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3 thoughts on “Simple socks for simple minds”

  1. heh heh, I think you are probably out of luck re the cork tiles! Unless you do the whole house in 70s style – although shag rugs made a comeback so you never know!

    Love a stocking stitch sock, most vesatile knitting project ever!

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