Letting someone else do the heavy lifting

Yet another pair of plain socks in Kaffe Fassett sock yarn for the Fireman.  When I was studying frantically and pondering my future, I need plain therapeutic knitting, and it doesn’t get much plainer than these.  They have been enthusiastically received, and in fact worn several times before I thought to block and photograph them.

The whole exercise of studying as a parent required lots of adjustments – I am a crammer, and I had a lot to learn in a very short period of time.  The Fireman was kept very busy doing a lot of child maintenance activities, and my parents and parents in law helped out enormously. I have new-found respect for anyone who has undertaken secondary or tertiary study while parenting.

If you feel compelled to know the details – they are ravelled here.  Now that my exams are over, and I anxiously await my results, I’m undertaking some more complicated projects – a Chaleur for the Ravellenic Games, and some Virve’s Stockings (because I can).


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3 thoughts on “Letting someone else do the heavy lifting”

  1. Studying? I thought you were the teacher. Do you have to redo a licence or something? Love that KF yarn. Mr. Guy only wears black or grey, so you got lucky there. Hope the luck continues.

  2. Ohhh, the Virve Stockings. They’ve been on my list for ages, Hooray for Nancy B yet again. Hope all has gone well with your exams and that the waiting isn’t too worrying. Knitting Nancy socks should help with the worrying and waiting.

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