5 things I Like

  1. The Fireman still wears this jumper that I knitted for him 9 years ago. The yarn is a Majestic Merino 10 ply that was purchased at great expense from Tapestry Craft (now Morris & Sons). If I recall correctly the yarn cost over $140 (in 2001 dollars!).  It pilled like a great big pilly thing, and still requires de-pilling every so often.  The pattern was from a vintage booklet that I appropriated from my mother.  If I can lay my hands on it, I’ll scan the cover in.  There are some funky 1960’s shots in it.
  2. The weather in Sydney is getting seriously cold, well cold compared to Hong Kong. We went out for a walk yesterday and I actually needed to use my Serpentine Mitts.  I haven’t blogged the finally finished objects, and can only offer you an i-phone photo.My hands are actually that pale. For some reason (undoubtedly my error, or misshapen hands) one thumb is a much snugger fit that the other.
  3. This weekend is a long weekend, and has been full of fun.  I went to the Sydney WWKIP Day, and have had friends over for dinner, and eaten at my sister’s.  Right now, the Fireman is making commercial quantities of onion jam (in a recipe of his own devising), and the house smells amazing.
  4. I got completely stuck on my Topstykke in the A-line section, and emailed the pattern writer. I received an answer within 6 hours, which I completely understood.  I don’t think that I’m giving too much away by posting Bente’s answer here, and it might help someone who is frantically googling the pattern in search of help. “The increasing rounds at the A-section are increased with two rounds. So you knit 6 rounds and increase, then knit 8 rounds and increase, and then knit 10 rounds and increase. You will have more and more rounds between the increasing rounds.”
  5. There is a lot of reasonably priced wine available in Sydney, and I’ve just been to Dan Murphy’s.  I can highly recommend their clean skin Riesling (a very dry Clare Valley one), and have bought it by the case for as low as $4.99 per bottle.  Right now, a glass of red wine seems like an excellent idea to help me plan our dinner.

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5 thoughts on “5 things I Like”

  1. Yep, yep, yep, yep and yep. All good things for sure (though I’d be sticking to the Riesling over the red. In all other respects, carry on. And I hope he keeps track of his onion jam recipe for share time?

  2. Mmmm wine. I miss wine! I miss champagne more! I had a very nice non-alcoholic champagne (no doubt the French would recoil in horror at that!) at WWKIP and it was great! Must buy some more.

    Isn’t it great when knitwear is loved for so long, even if it does pill like a great big pilly thing! It still looks great!

  3. It’s fantastic that a handknit garment is loved and worn for so long, and continues to live on. Most store-bought garments don’t survive for that long in the wardrobe.

  4. Well now I’ve learned about onion jam and cleanskin wines, so my day isn’t wasted. Both sound great. I just got home from the National Needlework Assoc. trade show. I’m wiped, but it was fun.

  5. that lovely garment doesnt look like its ever pilled, such beautiful stitch definition! how cool is it when designers write back, looking forward to seeing that one finished!

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