More striped socks

These were commuter socks. Inspired by a lot of beautiful stripy socks around including Sabs, Linda, and Siow Chin.  After quite a few years of knitting socks, I think that the Regia promise of 10 years is a reasonable one – these socks are 6 years old and are still going strong.


I only found one skein of the Regia at Spotlight when alerted (I think by Donna) to the fact that it was on sale there for a ridiculously low price.  I think I paid $1.70 for one 50 gram skein?  The Wollmeise leftovers from these socks padded out them out.  I will be very interested to see the relative wearing properties of the two yarns.



The dog decided to add his foot for scale.

Speaking of Regia – I am now knitting socks using the first range of Arne & Carlos Design Line.  They are the prettiest faux-isle patterns that I have seen to date.

Admitting defeat

These socks are too small.  I’ve known it for some time, but continued knitting.

Virve's stockings

I discussed the issue with my knitting group, who advised me to at least block the sock before continuing, but I continued knitting (with a little less vigour and enthusiasm).  They socks have lovely lacy bits at the top, that threaten to cut off the blood supply to my lower extremities

IMG_0073I love the little stripe of colour work, but it is the tightest bit of it all.  I need to tug and grimace to get it over my heel.

Virve's colourwork

I’ve blocked them, and I still can’t get them on, or off without 10 minutes to spare, and the colourwork is clearly tighter than the rest of the sock. Farewell, fair sock.

I like ’em big

The fellow knitters at our knitting group will be familiar with my ranting about the need for generous scarves.  When the fad for tiny shawls was at its peak, I think that many knitters did themselves no favours by knitting tiny unflattering garments. So when I cast on my Colour Affection, I wanted to make it big – and it is.


All knitting details are here. I apologise for the photographs – the photographs were taken in Ballarat Art Gallery, and I had trouble motivating the small photographers.  They kept trying to focus on my face, or moved the camera, and didn’t tell me that the shadows being cast on my face made me look like ghoul.


You get the idea, in any event.


I was pretty keen to wear this once I finished it, and blocked it on the floor of the hotel room.  Luckily the colours were not remotely inclined to run – otherwise we might have left some interesting stains on the carpet.


As for the Ballarat Art Gallery – the art was surprisingly impressive (much more so than the lunch in the cafe), with this work particularly catching my eye.


It appears to be knitted out of jute and hemp by Ewa Pachucka. Imagine how tough her hands must be!