“Jane Says”*

There are some people who know a lot about knitting and yarn, and Jane is one of them. She and I were virtual friends before my family moved back to Australia, and then we discovered that we live walking distance from each other, and we became face to face friends (although we still do the virtual thing).  She gets a few mentions around here, as well as a few photo credits.Jane can tell me that I am using the wrong size of needle for a gauge swatch, and that I should drop down a size (she was right).  She says that 2 skeins of Wollmeise 100% in Admiral want to be knitted in a stockingette based pattern rather than a garter one (she may be right).  She told me to stop knitting this scarf, even though I had heaps more yarn, and I had memorised the centre pattern and never, ever needed to refer to the pattern (in other words, I had hit my groove, and did not want to stop). She needed to point out that it would grow even more on blocking (she was right).

So I managed to finish it – and managed to block it once I got over the worst of a stupid sprained ankle.  The photos this time are by the very talented Margarita (also known as the muse for Stephen West). You wouldn’t dare ignore her fibery advice or fashion inspiration either!

Technical details on Ravelry.

*Apologies to Jane’s Addiction.  Cool Article about Jane Bainter here.