London Sweater

As I sit in Sydney, lightly sunburnt after a day on the water following a very dear friend’s wedding, it seems a long time ago that I finished this sweater.Seamless Hybrid outside Buckingham PalaceToday is Saturday and we left London on Tuesday (or New Year’s Day).  We were away for nearly 3 weeks, and my poor husband had to wait until the second last day of the holiday for his new sweater.  The photos were taken on New Years Day outside Buckingham Palace (with a couple at the cafe at the Serpentine Pond in Hyde Park).

Seamless Hybrid back detail

He greeted its finish with delight, helped by the fact that we had packed very light, and the 2 sweaters that he had with him were starting to look very familiar and tired. The sleeves seemed to take forever to knit, and they are slightly too long!  If they grow at all, I might need to do some surgery, but for now they are fine with the ribbing folded over.

Seamless Hybrid shoulder detail

It is a very basic Seamless Hybrid with a discreet cable down the torso under the arm. Any requests for further adornment were not entertained. More technical details on Ravelry.

Chain detail

The yarn is superb, and if you can track down any from Colourmart or in a destash I highly recommend it.  I washed it using my usual washing soda technique (the medium strength solution on the linked page) and really enjoyed knitting with it.


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7 thoughts on “London Sweater”

  1. The sweater turned out beautifully! I have made the seamless hybrid, but ages ago, you may have inspired me to try again. Nice try with the cable, at least a small one was approved.

  2. that is a really inspiring piece of knitwear. I’m quite the fan of the saddle shoulder (having done it just once, and in fair isle!) and I think the fit, colour and presentation are all perfect. Well done! No wonder he was happy!

  3. Gee that looks fantastic (although today especially it is making me feel hot, even though I am sitting in air conditioned splendour!). Love it so much. Must show hubby and see if he can be tempted to desire one the same, I’d love to knit a saddle shoulder!

  4. Hi! The linked page for washing technique is gone, can you share how you do it? I have miles and miles of colourmart yarn coming in the mail, and would appreciate it! Thanks!

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