You win some, you lose some

I love entering the knitting exercise formerly known as the Ravelympics (if you somehow missed that brouhaha, here’s a link).  The fact that I have never successfully completed it is neither here nor there.  I set my sights high and completely miss the mark.  This year I was going to complete Chaleur.  Here is my progress to date:

What can I say?  The start took me a while – it took me a long time to learn how to read the herringbone stitch.  It is surprisingly easy to knit, but I was confused about how the knit 2 togethers would line up.  The pattern is a 4 row repeat with action happening on the first and third rows, and I can tell you that the knit 2 togethers do not line up exactly, but shift by half a stitch each time they are knitted.

On the first row of the pattern, the second stitch of the knit 2 together contains the stitch leading from the previous knit 2 together.  On the 3rd row, the first stitch of the knit 2 together contains the stitch leading from the previous knit 2 together.  If my explanation is as clear as mud, you could just try following the pattern (that’s what I had to end up doing).  It is exceptionally well written, and I found that when I just followed it, it worked. I am loving knitting with the Kid Classic – and it feels like it will be great to wear.

I would like to get it finished before Winter ends here – I happened to be browsing the Vince website (for clothes that I can not afford), and came across this number.

Luckily, I have something very similar already underway.

On the win front, I found out last week that I passed the Bar exams.  I sat them in July, and it was an interesting experience returning to high pressure studying with parental responsibilities.  For those of you outside the British Commonwealth – this means that I will become a barrister.  Watch the video below to get some idea of what I will be doing.

Despite being blonde and sometimes prone to wearing red lipstick my career will be very much less glamorous than depicted in the video. I am unlikely to be involved in criminal law, but I will need to wear a wig and gown from time to time (much to the amusement of my daughters). I plan to continue my knitting – the NSW Bar Association has a knitting group, and I fully intend to become a member.


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9 thoughts on “You win some, you lose some”

  1. i do hope you all sit around and knit in your wigs and gowns. that would be worth filming. congratulationson that achievement, no mean feat! chaleur is a great pattern, it looks amazing in that yarn and colour. maybe for next winter now?!

  2. I am so pleased the Bar Association has a knitting group. It really pleases me no end! (I also would like to see pics in wig and gown knitting!!).

    Chaleur is looking great! I think I might have mentioned how wonderful the Kid
    Classic is?! Heh heh!

  3. The herringbone looks lovely, but I dont know if I could do it. It would look good in that long jerkin like thing too. Congratulations on passing the Bar youll be a hit anyway.

  4. Love the cloth of vince website, look simple and elegant. Though I know little about knitting, but I hope all knitter can feel happy when they’re doing a knitting work. I know my mom is very happy when she is knitting sweaters for me and my younger sister.

    I’m from 8Seasons, and I’ve followed travellersyarn for a long time, love your blog.

  5. A barrister! congratulations and I’m sure there’ll be moments of glamour in amongst all the work .. and a barrister’s knitting group is fantastic, knitting groups are everywhere .. co-incidentally i just finished a chaleur … took me ages to get my head around the herringbone pattern so was delighted to read your detailed explanation because it perfectly sums up the thought process .. it lines up .. no it doesn’t … eventually it’ll line up again though … is it an optical illusion? is it travelling diagonally? I dunno, just do what the pattern says. Mine, btw, is not as nice as yours, and is HUGE..

  6. Congratulations on passing your bar exams! I’m sure you’ll be every bit as glamorous as Martha (I loved that show! And excited about Rake starting again this week too. Lots of good barrister dramas on at the moment…) And yes, wig photo please.

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