I’m against the Book Parade

I’m not against books, rather very much in favour.  We love libraries in our house, even if we tend to pay a lot in library fines.  Even Book Week doesn’t irk me, but the Book Parade!  Every year I am required to come up with a costume for 2 children from a book that we own, or have access to.  My delightful offspring refuse to wear the same costume every year, and also refuse to go as a character who has no especial identifying marks (for example Judy Moody).

Each year, the school gives us only a week’s notice, and then the inter-parent child wrangling begins.

Child: “I want to go as Tinkerbell”

Mother: “You don’t have a Tinkerbell costume and I am not making or buying one. What about going as a witch – we have a witch’s costume?”

Child: “I went as a witch last year!” (Oh the horror of being seen in the same costume for two years running) “Can I go as a My Little Pony”

Mother:”My Little Pony Books are not real books, and we don’t have a pony costume”

Wash, rinse, repeat.  Anyhow if there are any desperate parents trying to figure out a costume – here’s what I did last year for younger daughter. All you need is a tatty old fairy costume and some 100% synthetic highly flammable green fabric and you have Silky costume – Silky being a fairy in the Magic Faraway Tree.

Cut out cape – no pattern necessary.

I aimed for a length of cape roughly the same length as the neck – wrist measurement of younger daughter.  You are aiming for a roughly semi-circular shape – the one below was cut on the fold.

I then zig-zagged all raw edges, and turned the neck edge over to make a drawstring casing where a green ribbon could go through, and ta-dah!  With some cheap lurid green eyeshadow applied to younger daughter’s face, and we have Silky.

If you want to make a decent costume – follow the directions here.  My daughter was happy enough, if inclined to grizzle about the nasty synthetic fabric scratching at her neck. The costume was not a prize winner.  In contrast, when I was in year 2, my mother sent me to the Book Parade as the saucepan man from the Magic Faraway Tree.

I was horrified, and was in tears for most of the morning.  My sense of outrage and injustice was only increased when I won the prize for the best costume and was called up to the stage where everyone could see my costume.  As an adult, I can see that the true injustice occurred because I received the prize, instead of it being given to my mother.


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6 thoughts on “I’m against the Book Parade”

  1. I’m absolutely with you on this one! As a parent I also hated Easter Hat parades. Now I come to think of it, I hate fancy dress more generally. The stress! the competition! awful!

  2. Thank goodness there’s no book parade at my son’s school, or he’ll be going as Captain Underpants! Hope you find something easy to do for this year’s parade.

  3. No book parade this year – thank goodness! Last year, book parade at preschool saw me sewing a Tashi costume the night before because he insisted on being Tashi :S

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