I like ’em big

The fellow knitters at our knitting group will be familiar with my ranting about the need for generous scarves.  When the fad for tiny shawls was at its peak, I think that many knitters did themselves no favours by knitting tiny unflattering garments. So when I cast on my Colour Affection, I wanted to make it big – and it is.


All knitting details are here. I apologise for the photographs – the photographs were taken in Ballarat Art Gallery, and I had trouble motivating the small photographers.  They kept trying to focus on my face, or moved the camera, and didn’t tell me that the shadows being cast on my face made me look like ghoul.


You get the idea, in any event.


I was pretty keen to wear this once I finished it, and blocked it on the floor of the hotel room.  Luckily the colours were not remotely inclined to run – otherwise we might have left some interesting stains on the carpet.


As for the Ballarat Art Gallery – the art was surprisingly impressive (much more so than the lunch in the cafe), with this work particularly catching my eye.


It appears to be knitted out of jute and hemp by Ewa Pachucka. Imagine how tough her hands must be!


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5 thoughts on “I like ’em big”

  1. I think this is one of the nicest colour affections I’ve seen! I like how it isn’rpt really high contrast, but is still obviously (but subtly) striping.

    Ewa sure did suffer for her art!

  2. One must never dispute Jane’s understanding of Wolmeiser, how she remembers all those colours and German pronunciations is beyond me..lol Your shawl is lovely, I like the subtle changes and the deep colours together, it will go with heaps.
    The jute man is amazing! I just purchased some jute to spin which should be interesting .)

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