Crafternoon in Melbourne

I’ve been thinking a bit about what makes travel successful for me.  I haven’t written a blog post dissing the company that took us to Vietnam (but have come close) because I think that the problem with the trip might be with me.  For the most part, I don’t enjoy sight-seeing.  In fact, hanging out with a lot of other tourists, eating tourist food, and being hustled about in a manner more akin to a feedlot gives me the heeby-jeebies. So what does work for me?  The day I had in Melbourne this week…We were in Melbourne for the week, and Soozs suggested that we get together at Crafternoon.

For the uninitiated, Crafternoon is an amazing little cafe where you and your children are encouraged to draw, cut up books, and create.  My daughters were with me, and had a fabulous time with Suzie’s kids.  I drank excellent coffee, knitted, chatted, and ate a tasty, satisfying lunch.

The kids made badges, and insisted on them being photographed for the blog.

There were no other tourists to be seen.  I think that a local can give you an insight into a city that most tourist guides are never going to reach. When you have a local who shares your interests – you have the makings for a very fine day. Suzie knew that the two locations were within a quick walk, gave me tips on the tram to take, and the itinerary met my interests…She even brought along some lovely baklava from A1 Bakery to satisfy our turkish sweets needs.

Suzie had suggested a further stop, a trip to the Handweavers & Spinners Guild of Victoria.  I would have taken many, many photos of this place, but there was a sign on the wall expressly forbidding it.  If you have ever desired some hand-spun yarn, this is the destination.  They have a huge variety of handspun for sale, as well as spinning supplies, and some amazing finished garments (a beautiful handspun and woven scarf really did nearly make it home with me).  The prices are exceedingly low – I bought all this (for $72).

That’s a 100 gram skein of wool/silk, a 200 gram skein of wool, and a handspun and hand-knitted pair of booties for our neighbours’ baby.

I can tell that the larger skein wants to be a scarf:

Any ideas on what to knit?  I want to show off the yarn, but am not that interested in measuring it. It looks like a worsted/aran weight – I have 200 grams, so let’s say 440 yards?


Crafternoon: 531 Nicholson St, Carlton North, VIC 3054

Handweavers & Spinners Guild of Victoria: 655 Nicholson St, Carlton North, VIC 3054


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4 thoughts on “Crafternoon in Melbourne”

  1. I agree with you on traveling/touristing. It is maddening when you want to spend time looking at something and are told it’s time to leave. It is harder to find the local angle sometimes, but certainly worth it. Crafternoon sounds like you did.

  2. It was a lovely day, wasn’t it?
    How about the wool peddler’s shawl? I was wearing it that day – it’s not madly exciting to knit but will make the best of the lovely handspun, and if you don’t have enough yarn to make it as big as you’d like you can make the ruffle finish in a contrast yarn (most people do). Also you knit it fairly loose so it goes faster!

  3. Thanks for the tips for Crafternoon and the spinners guild, I hang my head in shame for being an ignorant Melbournean. Will definitely check them out!

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