Found: Wool in Hanoi

We were in Hanoi in January, and it was cold!  Not just because it was winter, but because many places in Hanoi are not heated – even when it is only 13° celsius outside. There’s nothing quite like shivering through a water puppet performance…  Our tour took us back to the Old Town, and this time, I found quite generous amounts of Chinese, soft wool yarn at Len Thai Min at 7B Dinh Liet.

Along with the wool, they have milk cotton, and a huge selection of acrylic (motorbike included in shot for scale).

I did not investigate the needles and notions, but they seemed to have a fair selection of straight needles at the counter. Everyone was very friendly, and as helpful as they could be when we did not share a common language. Through our guide, I learnt a new word in Vietnamese; “len” is wool.

Prices were very low – I bought some grey sportweight wool yarn at $15USD for 500 grams.


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8 thoughts on “Found: Wool in Hanoi”

  1. I’d love to visit Hanoi in winter. Several years ago I was there in July and it was soooo hot. I think if I’d seen a yarn store it would have been too hot to even think about wool.

    What a bargain – $15 for so much grey sportweight – bliss.

  2. That big wall of yarn is surprising to me, somehow. When I visited China in November (about 12 years or so ago) I saw lots of yarn and women knitting, but it was cold. (Inside and out, as you say.) I imagine VietNam as always being warm. Shows what I know.

  3. Nice, so much yarn to look at, glad you had some nice shopping time. And grey wool, no surprise there, lol.
    I would have been into the needles and notions tho.

  4. I was enquiring about buying knitting yarn in Hanoi, as I live in a place about 100 km south and have time to knit in the chilly winter. A pity that the selection is only of colours, but all the “wool” is 100 % acrylic from china, easy to wash and dry in the climate, but I have not found yet any natural fibres.

  5. by the way: len, Vietnamese for wool comes from (la) laine, French for sheep wool, as the French governed Vietnam until 1954 and left some traditions and words behind.

  6. I like the motorbike in the shop, only there would they park a dirty bike in a yarn shop..ahahaha, imagine that in Sydney – not .) YaY to the yarn shopping, you can never go wrong with grey!

  7. I’ve seen there are so many people think that Hanoi is warm (or hot) all year round because of the over-presence in world media of south Vietnam (which has a tropical climate like anywhere else in southeast Asia), but in the opposite, northern Vietnam is kind of East Asia rather than Southeast Asia in term of weather, culture and ethnic. This is the Only major region in southeast Asia that features a subtropical climate. This means traveler should beware of the cold when travel to north Vietnam in winter time, and due to high humidity and lack of heater & insulation, it can become unbearable cold over there.

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