It’s starting to feel like Christmas

1. This week I got my first gift – a copy of ChaleurJulie Hoover’s wonderful new pattern (picture ganked from her site). I won it as a prize from her site – thanks Julie!

I am planning to knit it in Colourmart cashmere in a dark grey (yes it is a colour I wear a lot).

2. When I check my stash of the yarn above I realised that I did not have enough – only 3 cones, and the pattern requires 5! I’ve been encountering this problem a bit recently, and think that the trend of increasing ease is going to result in it occurring again.  Oversized garments require more yarn… Luckily, within 24 hours the internets have supplied me with 2 more cones of yarn.  Perhaps not a Christmas miracle, but it makes me very happy all the same.

3. It is finally starting to warm up in Sydney, and no cardigans have been required this morning.  We have had an astonishingly cool December (more like an early spring) with heaps of rain.  The sun is shining right now, and I have already been to buy the seafood, fruit and vegetables for tomorrow. The forecast for tomorrow looks good for swimming (which is a key part of the Australian Christmas experience).  I’m off to make béarnaise to go with tomorrow’s roast beef,  some last minute Santa sacks, and a cherry cake for breakfast tomorrow.

Happy holidays to everyone!


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3 thoughts on “It’s starting to feel like Christmas”

  1. I can totally see you wearing that top! Very you!

    I just have to make some rum balls and a pavlova, and get out the good china, and wrap a few presents…and then I will be done!

    Have a lovely day tomorrow, fingers crossed for swimming weather!

  2. Oh, I remember saving that recipe. Maybe I’ll make it for New Years. And I wear lots of grey as well. It’s versatile. And doesn’t look dirty even when you spill tea. Hope you had a nice swim!

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