It’s finished! I had enough yarn!

As written, the neck is a little bit too long.

I’ve made mistakes in the front cable – the bottom diamonds do not quite have the same proportions as the top three.

The sleeves are too short – another knitter said they were like flippers.  The yarn sheds like a great big sheddy thing.  See my black t-shirt below.

But I love it.  Technical notes here.


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9 thoughts on “It’s finished! I had enough yarn!”

  1. If you love it you’ll wear it – and I think it looks both individually stylish and comfy. You can probably even wear it now with the ‘summer’ weather we’re having!

  2. I agree with everyone – so wearable! You know, I find sometimes sheddy yarns stop shedding after a short while and then you can fall in love with them all over again. Glad you had enough yarn ..

  3. In the cold weather those longer necks can be cozy. But you may not have that much cold … otherwise, it looks great, and who will notice if the cables are not perfect. Only you.

  4. Whatever the so called ‘mistakes’ are don’t matter because you can’t see them. It’s a fab colour, I love the layering aspect of it and I love the 3/4 sleeves. A great fit too, so very wearable!
    Don’t you you just love knitting on the edge wondering if your yarn is going to get you the finish I’m currently knitting socks with this very issue..ahaha

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