Not worth the effort

The socks that I knit for our family are worn.  I’m not so much the process knitter, and much more focused on the product.  If I am going to spend a long time knitting a garment, I want it to have a long, useful life.

These socks have been a disappointment. They were finished in January 2010, and this is only their second winter. Apart from the massive hole in the right heel, there are heaps of pills, and if you look closely at the left heel, it is extremely thin, and a wear away from disintegrating.

The socks also seem to have shrunk with washing (and I wash on a 30°C in a very gently front loader, and never put hand-knitted socks in the dryer).  No more socks without nylon!

Pattern: A Classic Sock (made by me, many, many times). With a touch of “sheep’s eye” from Folk Knitting in Estonia.

Needles: Addi fixed 80cm 2.5mm.

YarnLouet Gems Fingering – most emphatically not a great yarn for socks. Finished January 2010 (and blogged a little here) and worn out by July 2011.


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10 thoughts on “Not worth the effort”

  1. Oh god yes, never again without nylon!! I knit my first pair of socks for me with Colinette Jitterbug and was horrified to find holes after just a few months of wear, while all the other socks I had knit for my bloke had lasted for YEARS of quite heavy use. Lesson learned I can tell you!

  2. Yes, yes, yes! Nylon is a must. My pure wool socks have never lasted as long or worn as well as the ones knit out of blended yarn. These days “fancy” yarns are reserved for things that don’t get hard wear.

  3. So sad! (although on the up side, it shows that they are worn lots, which must be a good thing!).

    I think somepeople are just harder on socks than others. I have made lots of socks without nylon in, for me and for husby, and so far only one pair (my first) have needed darning. And I think that was mainly because I knit them too loose.

    But I will note that about this yarn, as I have some in my stash…

  4. I made some koigu socks (I think it is the same base yarn) for myself that wore right out in the same winter I made them. I decided to stick to sock yarn with nylon in it. So sad after all that work.

  5. A lot of my handknit socks (mostly knit by others – I love wearing them but hate knitting them) end up with holes in them too – perhaps it’s just the nature of the beast. My most hardwearing ones are (and I’m loathe to say it) patonyle pomatomus.

    I feel guilty having barely ever knit a single thing for either of my children. I’m a dedicated selfish knitter.

  6. I found my Louet Gem socks fell apart so quickly I’d scarcely finished darning in the ends. Very disappointing!

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