When we were on the train to San Francisco airport in April, the Fireman turned to me, and said “is that boy wearing a Noro Hat”?  Now my husband is not a knitter, and I didn’t think that he was paying any attention while I have dragged him through yarn shops around the globe, but apparently some of it has sunk in.

It might help that his favorite casual scarf seems to contain the same colourway (which I’ll wager is Noro Cashmere Island in 8).  I had to kinnear a photo to record the moment.  I’ll apologise for the quality, but I was trying to avoid looking like a weirdo public transit knit-wear stalker, despite acting like weirdo public transit knit-wear stalker.  Here’s the photo in its original context.

What inspired me to recall this photo?  Our family has been struck by a Norovirus, first afflicting older daughter, and then younger daughter and me simultaneously (all I can say is, thank goodness for a house with two bathrooms).  We are all better now, but when I was trying to figure out how many of our friends and family we had possibly exposed to our vomiting bug, I came across the name of the culprit, and it made me think of the hat on the train.


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3 thoughts on “Norovirus”

  1. Argh – Norovirus! It’s the most catchy virus at the moment. I work in a wool store in Sydney and it’s a top seller. The variegations are fantastic 🙂

    Lee x

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