Warm head, warm Melbourne

We went to Melbourne for the first weekend of the school holidays.  Don’t be deluded by the photos – it was actually very warm (about 18-20°C).  Having inaccurately predicted a bitterly cold winter’s weekend, I finished off a hat the night prior to departure.

Here I am on Sydney Rd, Brunswick, having just met up with the lovely Soozs (and her very friendly children) for delicious Lebanese pastries at A1 Bakery (really, really worth a visit).

I was determined to wear my hat and overcoat despite the unseasonably warm weather.  The next day we went to the McClelland Gallery, which is about 45 minutes out of Melbourne.  If you like sculpture a little (or a lot), then this sculpture park is for you.  There is an exhibition of current Australian sculpture on at the moment that was seriously mind expanding, which finishes on the 17th of July 2011.  Even once the current exhibition ends, there are lots of works in the permanent collection that I really, really liked.

The sculpture in the picture above is by Ken Unsworth, and is the sibling of a much loved similar work that used to be on display at the Art Gallery of NSW.  I’ll admit, the hat only came out for the photos – the weather was much too warm to need it! The drive to and from the Sculpture Park is also accompanied by freeway art.It is hard to take photos of the sculptures as you are barrelling down a freeway!  This one is by Callum Morton, and when I first saw it, I commented to the Fireman that it seemed like the world’s worst location for a hotel.  It was only on a closer view that I realised that it was a sculpture!

The hat even came with me to the footy at the MCG, but it still wasn’t really cold enough to need to wear it (and yes, it appears as though I really am that pale!). Pattern: The Amanda Hat, a free pattern. No alterations, although I used a lot more yarn than specified.

Needles: Inox fixed 5.5 mm 80 cm long.

YarnBouton D’Or Legende in Fantasia (colour 1147). I like this yarn a lot, I lovely soft wool/alpaca blend.  I had purchased 2 skeins from Lil Weasel, and ran out of yarn.  I emailed them, and they were able to send me another skein in the same dyelot. As I said before, a fantastic yarn shop.


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8 thoughts on “Warm head, warm Melbourne”

  1. That sounds lovely 🙂 I really must remember your bakery recommendation if I ever get out that way, I do love a good pastry! We’re in Lithuania today, and just been to Estonia and Latvia, in all of which we’ve been wandering from bakery to coffee shop to bakery – my favourite way to travel 😉

  2. Cute hat – but at that temp only a determined knitter would be wearing it. It is sweaty sticky thunderstorm weather here. I get to go to Portland OR later in the week for work, sadly, not for Sock Summit.

  3. I hate it when the weather forecast is wrong for traveling. I hope you had layers and could undo a few for the temps. At least it wasn’t the other way around – and you prepared for hot and it was cold. Isn’t that always the worst when you don’t have anything to put on? The hat and the pictures are lovely. Looks like a great time.

  4. Great hat ! I had to laugh at your comment about the Hotel cause I too was thinking whilst looking at the photo “what a bad location” – worst I thought that’s where you were staying…lol
    Love the sculptures and glad you got to wear your hat for a bit 😀

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