Warm feet with sheeps eye

I’ve knitted these socks before – but this time they are from the very limited edition Kakadu (due to the closure of Yarn Workshop). At some point last year, Roz and I had a dyeing day, and I generated pink yarn for kids socks.  I love the sheep’s eye pattern (from Folk Knitting in Estonia) and thought a tiny amount of detail would lift the socks a little.   These are unblocked, and a bit bumpy, and but will be keeping younger daughter’s feet warm today.  I am still finding colour work in the round to be quite tricky, does anyone have some tips to make it better?

She will probably be wearing these socks in Melbourne next weekend – we have a weekend away at the beginning of the school holidays.  The Fireman is working down there quite a lot at the moment, and we will meet up with him, and show the girls the sights.  Of course, I would love suggestions for craft shopping and eating (especially good Thai, Malaysian or Sichuan) – any suggestions?  We are staying in the city if that affects  your recommendations…

As for the Mizzle, the consensus was to frog it.  I was able to secure a matching skein of Wollmeise, and I plan to make something much larger from it, something that can be flung over my shoulder.

Pattern: “A Classic Sock”  from Folk Socks, by Nancy Bush (of course).   Ravelry notes here. Kid’s size 8-13. Knitted magic loop.

Needles: Knit Picks fixed 2.5 mm 80 cm long.

Yarn:  Yarn Workshop Kakadu, dyed with Ashford acid dyes in Hot Pink.


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5 thoughts on “Warm feet with sheeps eye”

  1. I shall keep the N Bush pattern in mind for my own little person in the future!

    Can’t give any recco’s for Melbourne but am sure you will find some good places! There is a yarn store not far from the city, Albert Park I think?? Oh, and Dairing is not far either…

  2. Melbourne reccos? Where to start…not sure on your exact movements but would love to meet and say hi??
    Food – there’s a great food court Thai place that does isaan style green papaya salad and grilled chicken and noodles and other delights. Called Pad Thai in the midcity food court just above readers feast on corner of swanston and bourke. Awesome Sichuan at Sichuan House (previously called dainty sichuan) 22 corrs lane (just off little bourke near russell st) crap ambiance but great food. Pig out on fish flavoured eggplant and beans with pork. Good Japanese in cute diner style booths at Ito in Bourke St (good with kids) or more bustling upmarket cafeteria style at Kenzan at the GPO centre on corner of bourke and elizabeth.
    Hand weavers and spinners guild has reasonably priced handspun in good quantities (catch the east brunswick tram up bourke st to Nicholson st). Clegs in Elizabeth st city has some good yarn, and obviously Tesutti is best for fabric, but same stock as Sydney. If you are going further afield there’s an interesting fabric store in Malvern called cutting edge, a place in east brunswick called rathdowne remnants for bargains (catch the lygon st tram from swanston st and get off at Victoria st.)
    Anything I’ve missed?

  3. Can’t help with Melbourne – I wish! Love the socks. The sheep’s eyes add a perfect touch. It reminds me suddenlty of a folktale/fairy story from when I was a kid about a foolish boy who didn’t understand things and threw actual sheep’s eyes at the girl he liked. Must investigate. Sadly, I was wearing wool socks here this past week. Summer seems to never want to arrive.

  4. The socks look great, loved the colour they came out on the skein but even nicer knitted up.
    If your near Richmond in Melb, try http://www.ziguzagu.net/
    for lovely japanese fabrics, vintage kimino fabrics and interesting finds.
    Not sure about the food, but what about some more knitting spots?
    http://www.lara-downs.com.au/ this shop is in Fitzroy.
    Have fun, stay warm and keep knitting, hope to catch up soon.

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