Is this worth blocking?

I had a grand plan for a skein of Wollmeise in Skarabaeus.  It was going to be a wonderful, versatile Mizzle.  Just the thing to lift up my rather drab winter wardrobe. Instead, I have a daft, skimpy cape.  I made it following the modifications proposed in this Ravelry project.

Please excuse the bathroom photos – it’s a rather dark, windy day here.  Hopefully the self-portrait will convey the extent of the problem that I have with the proportions of this scarf.  The colours are more accurate in the second photo.

Should I bother blocking it?  I don’t think that it will dramatically change the dimensions into a dramatically drapey flattering garment, but maybe I’m wrong?  I have about 40 grams of yarn left, and am inclined to just rip back the whole garment, and make an Augustine shawlette.  Does anyone have a better suggestion for the yarn?  It is pooling a lot, so something with some texture, or at the least garter stitch is required….


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12 thoughts on “Is this worth blocking?”

  1. Wollmeise does block out a fair bit – and the colour is amazing – even if you do block it and still aren’t sure you could still knit it up into the other project

  2. Frog – your obviously not happy with it so it’s not worth the wondering.

    AMAZING colour though ! …and yes I do love that other shawl and Skarabaeus will look amazing in it ;D

  3. Oh dear…it hasn’t really worked has it?
    I guess blocking wouldn’t hurt, just to be sure, but I do like the look of the Augustine shawl, that would work well with this gorgeous colour!

  4. I love the colorway and just got on the Wollmeise bandwagon this past year myself….I say if you aren’t happy with it…frog it. Augustine is a beautiful pattern.

  5. You’ve spent the time knitting it — might as well take the extra day to block and and see what happens, no? Sometimes the magic does strike… Did it do that interesting argyle-ish pooling all the way around the ruffle? If you still don’t love it, kick it to the frog pond and make the other pattern. Having been washed and blocked won’t hurt the yarn any, after all.

  6. Frog. I like Augustine, or maybe even a baktus? With a greater increase rate? If you could get the pooling to work with you the citrus shawl?

  7. You gotta block it – and do the other shawl in something else, yummo.
    I really like what you have done and you could probably get pretty tough on it and stretch it out a bit.
    If you do the other shawl please let me know as I have been spinning some fabulous silk merino in about a 5 ply….are you tempted???

  8. Definitely block it. It will change dramatically, perhaps not grow dramatically but definitely will grow somewhat. Will definitely drape much more. Like Fee says, you can always re-knit it anyway, and it’ll only be one day ..

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