Treasure Trove

I first read about the Fabric Cave on the Tessuti blog, and when I saw that it was going to be open last Saturday, I decided to pay a visit.

If you have ever enjoy op-shopping, and you also like craft – the Fabric Cave at the Crowle Home is for you.  It is only opened limited hours (from 9am-2pm Monday and Friday) and on the first Sunday of the month from 9am until midday.  They have some amazing finds, heaps of vintage buttons, vintage knitting patterns

and half finished knitting projects and vintage knitting yarn.

This pure wool 4 ply charcoal grey yarn really called to me (it was $6 for 4 skeins), but I left it for another shopper, because I have quite a bit of grey sock yarn….

There are also vintage knitting needles and all kinds of habadashery.  There is a section for the vintage quilting fabrics, but my heart nearly skipped a beat when I saw the Viyella section. For those of you that don’t know, Viyella is a sadly discontinued fabric,  55% wool and 45% cotton in a lovely warm, drapey twill.  I have had some superb Viyella garments in my time, and have been stalking it on Ebay for the past few months.  The Viyella is one of their pricier products – it runs to $12 per metre.  There’s was at least 10 different pieces of it at the Crowle Home, and this one came home with me.

If my Tova pattern arrives soon, I might get to make it out of this!  I know some of you like vintage sheets – the Fabric Cave has shelves of them.

There is also lycra and calico for $2 per metre, and heaps of other dress fabrics, and complete Liberty tapestry sets, and so much more (maybe even some Liberty lawn if you look hard).

Best of all, all proceeds go to a good cause, and they take donations of unwanted or inherited stash. I was astonished at how meticulously everything was organised, and at the knowledge of the people that sort, label and price everything.  My visit was shorter than I would have liked (pesky family, and their weekend activities), but I’ll be back on Friday morning.

In other news, a few of us are off to Wool Day in Canberra on Sunday.  If you are there, don’t be a stranger!


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4 thoughts on “Treasure Trove”

  1. Ohhhh… I know this place so well ;D …when you do go let me know I’m so there as I’m overdue a visit and need stuff 😀

    That Tova will look fab in that fabric, I can’t wait to see it.
    ….see you all On the weekend – can’t wait !

  2. I haven’t yet made it to the Cave, I’m a bit worried about how much stuff might come home with me if I do…but I am seriously tempted!

  3. Holy Mackerel does that look like a fun place. I can’t believe how organized it seems. A section for Viyella? Is there a secret underground following for Viyella I have never noticed? That fabric looks perfect. I wish I could dig in those vintage pattern piles!

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