Reclining socks

The reclining socks are the Lichen Ribbed Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks – New Twists On Classic Patterns (by Nancy Bush).  I started knitting it in July last year after doing a speedy stash dive before we left to go to Phuket.  Trekking XXL (in colour 184 – still available here, and about a zillion stashes on Ravelry) got chosen because it did not need winding.  Once again, Nancy Bush comes to the rescue with a pattern that requires absolutely no second guessing.

I tried to follow the pattern, but strongly suspect that the toes are not carbon copies of each other.  By the time that I got to the toe on the second sock I was in the “I’m tired of this project, and just have a bloody minded desire to complete it phase of knitting”, and didn’t try too hard to ensure that it exactly followed the first.

I still have an ongoing problem with holes where the gusset meets the sock, but its a problem that doesn’t appear to affect wear, and I’ve decided that I’m happy to ignore it. These socks are for the Fireman, and it is lucky that he doesn’t have fat legs – they run fairly narrow, with only 60 stitches in circumference and 2.5 mm needles.  If I make them again, I would probably be inclined to use sport weight yarn, and maybe 2.75mm needles. They fit well (perhaps even snuggly) in any event.

You might notice that the socks are lounging on a lovely bed of Liberty Lantana and vintage Viyella.  The Lantana was procured through Ebay, but the Viyella comes from a new favourite place in Sydney – all will be revealed in a post to follow!


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6 thoughts on “Reclining socks”

  1. Lovely socks – great colours, I still have the odd hole on the side, but like you I’m ignoring it – I have never had to mend near them.

  2. that trekking is great stuff, and you cant go wrong with those nancy bush ribs. oddly, i only get that hole on one side of the gusset, it must be something to do with my pick ups. and i did notice the fabric, gorgeous, and intriguing!

  3. I pick up and twist to make an extra stitch at that spot, then decrease it away. Seems to work for me, but certainly that little gap doesn’t affect wear. And toes? Who see ’em anyway?

  4. The more I read about how to eliminate the ‘hole’, and the more tricks I try, the more I am inclined to beleive it’s just one of those things.

    Love the blue/green, and the beautiful fabrics in the background. Are they liberty tana lawns?

  5. Oh and I did notice the fabrics in fact I noticed the whole theme of lovely sea greens – very nice socks, fabrics and pics ;D

    I must knit some Nancy Bush socks, I keep hearing they are great to knit.

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