Tova, oh Tova!

When I saw this post on Sew Tessuti, I had a sudden strong rekindling of my younger fondness for Liberty Lantana.  This stuff is wonderful for winter clothes. When I was in high school, I had a long skirt made from it, and I loved it.

Anyhow, the minor obsession with Lantana has been dealt with (it pops up on all the time, and is also available at Shaukat,) I then was worried about the Tova shirt pattern.

This pattern looks just like my most favorite store bought tops, and will look wonderful in my recently acquired Lantana, which is about 50 times more vivid in real life,  (has anyone else noticed that there is a similarity between Liberty and Wollmeise  colourways?). I just had to get the pattern, which according to the blog post above was no longer available.  But it is available right now, and while it is expensive, all the versions that I have seen made up look wonderful.

One is on its way to me.  It is going to give me the strength to cut the Lantana.  Looking at those tops is also giving me thoughts about a Tova in vintage Viyella….


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4 thoughts on “Tova, oh Tova!”

  1. I love this top too and stalked to buy it as well.
    I also made it up in the lawn and it turned out perfectly – and works really well with my new cardie too
    go on cut it out – you won’t regret it

    happy sewing

  2. I made a dress to wear to a summer wedding many moons ago in a liberty print that looked just like the one you linked to. Forgot all about it. And I might even have some Viyella in my stash, although I gave a lot away when I realized I hadn’t made any clothes in years. I’ll check.

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