Fabric in Hong Kong

UPDATE – please read the comments.  People have identified shops that have moved and there are tips and tricks! Thanks to all the helpful commenters.If you are a committed craft shopper and traveller, a trip to Hong Kong should be on your list of things to do.  The garment district in Hong Kong is massive (much, much larger than the garment district in New York).  Hong Kong is easy for English speakers to get around, with a superb public transport system that is one of the easiest to negotiate in the world.  The mass transit system in Hong Kong is called the MTR.  Every stop on the MTR is announced in Cantonese, English and Mandarin, and every carriage has an illuminated map (pictured above – sorry for the blurry photo) which shows you clearly where the train has been, and where it is going.While there are lots of places in Hong Kong to buy fabric, some of the best bargains are to be had on Ki Lung St between Wong Chuk St and Shek Kip Mei St.  On my last visit to Hong Kong, I was shown this area in detail by some of the Hong Kong knit bloggers. They really know their fabrics, and helped me purchase some lovely floppy grey knit fabric, which appeared to be a cotton viscose blend, 5 yards for $HKD 60  (well under $US10 for 5 yards!).

Apart from fabric, all kinds of notions are sold, leather, fake fur ribbons.  I haven’t taken any photos that really capture its scale, but there are lots and lots of options.  I’ve been reliably informed that at various times Amy Butler and Liberty offcuts have been seen amongst the piles of material.For extra credit, you might try to track down Moon Yue Piece Goods, which is just around the corner in Shek Kip Mei St (1M3, Shek Kip Mei St, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon).  To go there, ask for Moon Yue at this fabric stall (location marked on the map). Don’t worry, the 100% synthetic fabrics shown below are not indicative of what is to be found inside.

They will open this door for you, and show you the way to the “showroom”.  It is tiny,  but stuffed floor to ceiling with predominantly luxury fabrics.

They have cashmere, tweed Chanel style suiting, Shanghai Tang offcuts, and 100% silk fabrics including jersey, voile and satin. They only accept cash, and haggling is not a feature of the shopping experience. In any event, limited English is spoken. I was at the end of a long day, and only had enough cash left for 3 yards of a Shanghai Tang stretch silk satin print for my mother. She is planning to make a tunic from it. The off-season fabrics are stored upstairs again, and entry into that room requires taking off your shoes, because you will literally be clambering over piles of rolls of material.  I spotted some fabulous 100% cashmere suiting and coat fabrics, and would have shopped a lot more if I had the cash, and pattern information with me.  I had not prepared well enough!

Like most shopping in Hong Kong, I would recommend going to Ki Lung St in the late morning or early afternoon.  Wear comfortable shoes, and bring enough cash for all the bargains that you will find. To get there, take the MTR to Sham Shui Po and use exit A2.  Follow the map (about 500 metres level walk), and walk down Ki Lung St until you see the market stalls.

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  1. Oh man. My Sunday is a little sadder for not being there. Best I go deal with my own overflowing stash and dream of being in Hong Kong! hanks Ingrid.

  2. This is fantastic information. I will be heading home from Nanjing via Hong Kong tomorrow and have a 10 hour layowver in HK. I plan to spen the late morning and afternoon in Sham Shui Po, following your excellent directions and tips. I will post later about how I make out. Thanks for the well written entry on your blog.

  3. I purchased around 5 yards of a pretty floral soft cotton some time ago for HKD20/y. Last month I was in Liberty’s looking at the fabric and the same fabric was GBP22/m.

    Can you give more details of the location of Moon Yue Piece Goods

  4. EastCoast, the photo and the address that she provided above are accurate. I printed out her entire post, along with a map of the area and took it with me. Moon Yue’s address is 1-M3 Shek Kip Mei St.

    Streets in Hong Kong tend not to be very well marked and the street signs are not consistent in appearance. The sign may be on a post at eye level or above your head or they may be posted high on a building. But each building will be marked with the number. The thing about Moon Yue Piece Goods is that it really is not a shop. It is more of an open air stall than anything else. So you will see 1-M1, 1-M2 and then you will come upon this stall with no number. Moon Yue and his friends/family might even be sitting there having lunch or just chatting when you come up. The shop that they will take you to is up the street a 100 yards or so. (There is a photo of the door to the warehouse/shop in her post.)

    Moon Yue is very nice. He will ask if you want silk – even if you don’t, say you do – if you want to get into the shop to browse. If he truly does not have what you want, he will refer you to his friend around the corner on Yu Chau St, who also has fantastic suiting materials. I left about 1500 HKD at his friend’s shop too.

    I am going to take a compass with me next time I go there, because I found it easy to get turned around and not know if I was going north or south, east or west. If you have a map, a compass and a plan, you will do fine. When I say “plan”, I mean that you should have some idea of what you want, otherwise it will be sensory overload.

    I did much better my second time round, as I had an idea of what I wanted to get that time. Bear in mind that there are whole blocks of shops that sell nothing but lace or nothing but zippers or nothing but elastic. It is mecca for someone who loves to sew. I bought lace that would cost me $10 – $15 per metre here in Canada for $10 – $15 HKD! If I had a daughter getting married, I would take her to Hong Kong to get the wedding dress materials. It would save more than the cost of the trip!

    At the Chanel Shop in the Hong Kong Airport, I saw an amazing jacket with chain crocheted over the braid. At the shop on Yu Chau St, I bought the very same fabric for $50 HKD pe rmetre! At another shop I bought the chain and braid. Do you see a Chanel-style jacket in my future?

    In Sham Shui Po, you need a map and you need time. One thing to remember is that not every shop actually has the fabric in stock. For some of them , it will be ordered from the mainland and can take up 2 or 3 days. so go do your shopping early in the trip! Since I travel to mainland China for work, I now go to Sham Shui Po on the night I arrive,Hong Kong, even though I am tired. If I want to order something, I arrange to pick it up on the way back a couple weeks later. That way, I have no delays. Also, remember that fabric is bulky and weighs a ton. So unless you are frequent flyer with extra luggage privileges, getting the stuff home might be just as cheap if you let them ship it.

    However, at the airport, near the Air Canada counter, there is a place where they will box and strap your fabric for you. I just took the big bags of fabric to the airport with me and had them do it. It cost me about 80 HKD for a 4-cube box and the packing. I have no idea what mine weighed, but it was HEAVY.

    Hope this helps. If you have more questions, post a comment and i will try to answer.

  5. Another thing to remember when shopping in Sham Shui Po, is that the posted price in most shops is for a ‘minimum cut’, generally 5 yards, although I did find a couple of places where the minimum cut was 3 yards.,

    For some of the more unique suitings, it might be good if you have a friend who can share the piece with you. I bought a unique felted piece to make a jacket. I bought the 5 metre minimum cut knowing that my friend back on the East Coast would kill for the 2.5 metres I was not going to need.

    For the Chanel fabric, I did not care as I know that later on, I can use the remaining yardage to make another entirely different suit.

  6. hey there, is the any fabric store that seels better quality than at sham shui po? I’m talking about runway fabrics, for shows and stuff… can be expensive, im visiting HK this weekend so im not sure where to go… if you do have any address please lemme know. thanks a lot.

  7. Oh thanks for sharing and I just back to home country from hong kong. 🙂 just found out that Moon Yue Piece Goods has moved to another new place. I bought lots of cashmere and some animal prints there!! Thanks for your recommendation!!!
    I got their new name card, and the new address is 1/F, 125-127 Yu Chau Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Boss said it’s nearby the old shop. And you can call them at (852) 27899661. They are so nice to deal with.

    And I bought lots of accessories at Yu Chau Street too, the crystals there are so cheap, save me a lot of money lol

  8. Veronica, thanks for posting the update about Moon Yue having moved. I will be going back again in March. I will be sure to stop by their new place. Did they have lots of fabrics in stock?

  9. Will be in Hong Kong last week in Sept. looking for fabric to redo my sofa. Any suggestions? Looking for a bamboo print

    1. If Moon Yue does not have home decor fabrics, just ask him where he recommends looking. He is good that way. When I wanted wool, he sent me around the corner to his friend’s shop.

      Hong Kong is easy for English speaking travellers in some regards. But do take a map wherever you go or better yet a walking gps or a walking gps app on your phone. The street signs are not standardized, especially in that part of the city. Sometimes they will be at the corner on signs similar to those you would see in North America; sometimes they are at eye level or tacked onto a fence at thigh height or they are stuck on the side of a building. There is no consistency, and it makes it easy to get disoriented. So take a map or a GPS with you.

  10. Thank you so much for your instructions. Went to Ki Lung St yesterday and am VERY happy. It was Sunday so many places were shut but the handful of places we found open were great. Given the exchange rate with the USD I am flabbergasted with what we paid. My friend got 6 yards of organza at HK$15 a yard (or meter) and it wasn’t the stiff type of organza. That came out to under USD$2 a yard!!!
    I thoroughly agree… do take a map. We got out on the B2 exit instead of A2 of the subway station so it took a while to get our bearings.

    I can only imagine what that area is like on a Saturday or weekday. If I didn’t have to work the rest of this week I would be back there every day.

    Thank you for your info. Did a thorough search and this post was the best on the web regarding fabric market shopping in Hong Kong.

  11. Totally agree with all the above. There is so much there. Going back again with an idea of what I want as it can be overwhelming!!

  12. Hi, l am looking for rhintone brooches and embellishments for dresses and gowns. Does anyone know where I can get them in HK?

    1. In Sham Shui Po, you will find lots of shops selling such items. I cannot think of the names of any of them right away, but I have bought them in more than one shop. Shops selling a type of item tend to be clustered together. Button shops, zipper stores, laces, beads and stones, etc, Allow some time for browsing.

  13. If you go to the top (north) of Ki Lung Street, you’ll be at Yen Chow Street, with the Dragon Centre opposite you. Turn left and get across Yen Chow, passing the Sham Shui Po Police Station (old colonial building). Across Lai Chi Kok Road you’ll see what looks like a collection of sheds- this is the Yen Chow Street Hawker bazaar- venture in for a great selection of CHEAP fabrics etc!

    1. Thanks! Are the fabrics at the hawker bazaar more like scraps or end pieces? I am making a patchwork thing and just needs small bits in a variety of textures. This bazaar sounds like it might be my place?

    1. You will undoubtedly find entire stores that sell nothing but feathers. I have not looked for them, myself. Do you have a trip planned? I will not be going again until mid-June, but I can keep an eye out for you and let you know which stores/street, if that helps.

  14. Hi, I will be in HK next week and I am looking for top quality designer embroidered lace for my daughter’s wedding dress. Which shop is the best in HK?

  15. I have not looked for this particular brand. Cath Kidson do have a shop in Mong Kok. So it is possible that you could find the fabrics….

  16. Hi. Can advice whether what are the opening hours for the shops in Sham Shui Po?
    Do they open only on weekdays from Mondays to Fridays? Or do they open on Saturdays & Sundays too?

    1. Good questions. Most stores in Hong Kong tend to open late. I would say not before 11 AM. Most stores are open 7 days a week. I’ll see if I can find something more specific from my friends there.

  17. I got this information off this website. It has info about all the markets, too. Excellent write up. They say it varies as to opening hours, but often 10 AM – 10 PM. Many of the wholesale shops will be closed on Sunday. But so read on. http://hongkongextras.com/markets.html

    Ap Liu Street at Sham Shui Po Markets
    In the area around Sham Shui Po MTR Station, this busy market area comprised several “themed” streets selling a fascinating array of fabrics, fashion and fashion accessories, electrical goods and components, clocks, antiques, mobile phones, toys, household goods and computer hardware, software and accessories at rock bottom prices. The market area, hugely popular with locals as well as tourists, is mostly contained in the streets within the boundary of Lai Chi Kok Road, Yen Chow Street, Tai Po Road and Boundary Street.

    “Fashion Street” (Cheung Sha Wan Road), from its beginning at the junction with Tai Po Road, approximately from numbers 2 to 260 on the north side of the road and from approximately numbers 171 to 269 on the south side of the road, and the surrounding streets contain over 250 wholesale fashion and textile shops, many of which sell to retail walk-in customers.

    Cheung Sha Wan Road “Fashion Street” is lined with over 250 wholesale fashion outlets, many of whom sell retail to walk-in customers

    “Toy Street” (Fuk Wing Street) is lined with inexpensive toy shops as well as stationery and sportswear shops.

    “Bead Street” (Yu Chau Street), “Button Street” (Ki Lung Street) and “Ribbon Street” (Nam Choeng Street) and also Tai Nan Street are a crafters paradise with dozens of wholesale shops selling buttons, fasteners, ribbons, zippers, feathers, sequins and trims and other accessories of every shape and size at rock bottom prices. Walk-in customers are welcome at most shops.

    “Fabric Street” (Ki Lung Street and Yu Chau Street between Yen Chow Street and Wong Chuk Street) is a wholesale fabric market at which most shops also sell to walk-in customers. Also fabric market on Yen Chow Street.

    “Haberdashery Street” (Nam Cheong Street on either side of Cheung Sha Wan Road) is a large wholesale market. However, as well as selling to trade customers but many shops sell to walk-in customers as well as trade.

    “Electronic Street”, (Ap Liu Street) contains numerous cheap mobile phone, computer and audio visual product shops. Buyers should be aware of counterfeit goods and “switch and bait” tactics.

    “Wholesale Gem Market” (Ki Lung Street between numbers 222 and 256 and Yu Chau Street between numbers 209 and 295).

    Golden Computer Arcade and Golden Computer Centre are two separate malls on Fuk Wa Street, and are a Mecca for computer buffs with dozens of shops offering computer sales, fast repair, data recovery, software and every conceivable accessory. Bargaining is the norm but beware pirated and poor quality merchandise.

    Golden Computer Arcade and Golden Computer Centre

    Dragon Centre on Yen Chow Street is a nine storey shopping centre with plenty of bargains and food outlets.

    Un Chau Street and Fuk Wing Street have several cheap Asian restaurants for those in need of sustenance.

    OPENING HOURS – Markets – Ap Liu Street Electronics Market noon to about midnight daily, Wholesale Gem Market 10am to 7-30pm daily, Golden Computer Arcade 11am to 10pm daily, Dragon Centre 10am to 10pm daily. Other markets generally open varying times from about 10am until 8pm to 10pm. Some wholesale shops close on Sundays and public holidays.

    GETTING THERE – MTR to Sham Shui Po. Exit A1, B1, C1 or D1 for Cheung Sha Wan Road. Exit B2 or D2 for Fuk Wing Street. Exit A2 for Yu Chau Street, Ki Lung Street, Nam Cheong Street, Apliu Street. Exit D2 for Golden Computer Arcade, Exit C2 for Dragon Centre.

  18. No, I really do not recall the prices, other than to say that they were a fraction of what one would pay in the USA. Generally, in Sham Shui Po, I pay 1/4 – 1/10 of the price at home. At lot depends on how much you buy. In some stores 5 yards gets a better discount. In others, it can be as much as 10 yards.

  19. thanks for giving us the information about all the fabrics available in Hong Kong. i will surely next month n will shop the wonderful fabrics.as well as the quality the price is also reasonable.

  20. Hi there, I live in Hk and making my way there this weekend. Please could you confirm the current location of Moon Yue Piece Goods. It’s my first visit but as I live here I hope I can help anyone else looking for things.

    1. The last that I heard was a post from March 2012. Here is where he had moved to at that time. I would definitely go look there. This was posted by Veronica:
      “Oh thanks for sharing and I just back to home country from hong kong. 🙂 just found out that Moon Yue Piece Goods has moved to another new place. I bought lots of cashmere and some animal prints there!! Thanks for your recommendation!!!
      I got their new name card, and the new address is 1/F, 125-127 Yu Chau Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Boss said it’s nearby the old shop. And you can call them at (852) 27899661. They are so nice to deal with.

      And I bought lots of accessories at Yu Chau Street too, the crystals there are so cheap, save me a lot of money lol”

    2. I will be spending a couple of days shopping in Sham Shui Po late next week. Will post any worthwhile updates when I get back. I am quite excited to have a bit of time to spend there, as it has been almost a year since I nosed around over there very much.

  21. This is such an exciting thread to read! I am coming to HK in April and would love to find glue-in purse frames, particularly ones with the coloured bobbles – has anyone seen those on their travels around the haberdashery area? Thanks x

    1. I will have 1 1/2days free in HK later this week. I am going to be shopping for purse findings in general. I will keep an eye out for this and post when I finish my foray into the “candy shop” that is Sham Shui Po. I do recall that there is an entire section that has nothing but purse findings – frames, straps, handles, feet, grommets, clasps, etc. I will try to keep an eye out for the ‘glue-in frames that you refer to. If I find some, I will post back the name and address of the shop.

  22. Hi, I am in search of fabric for hoodies fleece, etc, same as the one uniqlo uses for their hoodies. Do you think I could find it in ki lung? also some heather grey fabric for shirts

    1. I expect you could find it there. There are numerous shops selling a wide variety of knits and fleeces. Go early in your trip, because not all shops actually have fabric on site. They will often order it from the factory and it could take 2-5 days, depending on which fabrics you want. Also, be aware that there are sometimes minimum orders. Or there will be a price quoted for 5 yards but if you ant less, then the price per yard is more.

  23. Hey, I visited a fabric shop at Sham Shui Po to tailor shirts back in my own country but the fabrics turned out to be too thin for my liking. Anyone has a recommended shop of better quality shirting fabrics? Thanks!

    1. Hi Ryan,
      We are an internationally renown fabrics supplier.
      If you are looking for premium quality 2-ply cotton shirting,feel free to browse through our collections.
      No worries If you are not in Hong Kong we can ship your fabrics anywhere.

    1. Do tell us what you bought at Moon Yue. He always has such an eclectic selection. Once I got some Shanghai Tang fabric there. And another time a remnant of the same fabric that Chanel was using in one of their jackets that year.

  24. Hi can anyone tell me where in sham shui po I can find “good quality lace fabric” Possibly chantilly lace. Would really appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

    1. There are lots of stores selling fabrics for bridal gowns and bridal party dresses. Look for one of those. Or go find Moon Yue. If he does not have it, he will quickly recommend a friend who does. He had never steered me wrong.

      1. I wanted felted wool one time. He sent me two blocks over to the most wonderful store. Be aware that you will sometimes have to order the fabric, especially if you need a large quantity. Go early in your trip so that there is enough time for it to come back to the store before you leave HK.

    1. Have you found a place that has it? It is not something I have looked for there, so I am not much help. For most fabrics, I find that somewhere between 1/4 – 1/10 the price at home is a good rule of thumb. You should know your upside price, going in.

  25. Please do let me know where I can buy cashmere ready made products and at Sham Shui Po will I get cashmere items

    1. I just saw your post. I have not seen many shops carrying ready made clothing in Sham Shui Po, although you should be able to find cashmere easily in the nearby garment district or in the better shops of Kowloon and Hong Kong. .

    1. I cannot name a specific shop, but I do know that interior decorators shop in Sham Shui Po. Give yourself some time and go on the hunt. You will be amazed at what you find. Also, be aware that if you want quantities of fabric, you may have to wait 2 – 3 days, as many of the warehouses are on the mainland. So shop early and leave time to go back to pick it up or have it delivered to your hotel.

  26. I wrote this on April 30, 2015, but I see it somehow never posted to the thread.

    I spent most of the day in Shim Shui Po [that day]. I frequented shops along Nam Cheong St. At Chun Wah Hong at 72A-B Nam Cheong, I bought heavy, wide lace for the cuffs of the heirloom Christmas stockings that I make for gifts; embellished trims at PITC at 120 Nam Cheong; high quality, wide webbing for tote bag handles at Hong Kong Jude at 108 Nam Cheong; rhinestone clasps to use for jacket closures and belts at Jun Hing Hong Haberdashery at 110C Nam Cheong St (corner of Nam Cheong and Yu Chau); and zippers in great colors and with various colors of teeth at a shop somewhere along Nam Cheong near PITC.

    But the crowning treat of the day was my visit to Moon Yue Fabrics at 125 Yu Chau St. You need to go up a narrow flight of stairs one flight. They now have a glass door, whereas before it was a heavy steel door. Like a lot of the fabric shops in NYC, LA and on Queen St West in Toronto, the fabric is a bit of a jumble. The rolls of fabric are all laid out on shelves and you need to hunt a bit to find what you might like. I enjoy that part, though. It is like hunting for buried treasure.

    I bought a piece of Shanghai Tang silk to make a dress for an event at the beginning of June. The Shanghai Tang silk was approx $10 USD per yard. I also bought a piece of black and white silk for summer dress and some electric blue silk to make one of those long, flowy blouses that are so popular this spring. Those pieces ran $7 – $8 USD per yard.

    I even got a photo of Moon Yue. He is rather amused that he is “famous on the internet”. And he is such a nice man, so happy to see you every time.

    On my way back along Yu Chau St, heading for the Subway, I found some great quality cotton remnants in a basket in front of Hang Fat Chau at 137 G/F Yu Chau St. The fabric had the look and ‘hand’ of Liberty of London cottons. I pulled out all of it that I could find. $10 HKD per remnant, some larger than others. (Approx $1.25 USD).

    If the blog owner would email me, I will send you the photo of Moon Yue, his shop and some from along Nam Cheong St.

    It was a perfect day! I had a great time meeting shop owners, workers and other customers.

  27. Subsequent to the above post, which refers to a visit at the end of April 2015, I returned to Hong Kong in July on business. I spent part of a day in Sham Shui Po, revisiting Moon Yue’s shop. He was there again and helped me to find some more wonderful pieces of silk. He is what I might call a ‘jobber’ here in North America. He frequents the workshops of major design houses, buying up ends of rolls, etc. I bought a piece of silk printed with lips that I recognized from the 2014-2015 Fall Winter runway magazines. I also bought a lovely piece of navy and white polka dot silk. You just never know what you will find.

  28. Hi there, do you think different colored fleece will be available in the shops in Shum Shui Po or at Moon Yue Fabrics? 🙂

    1. You can find fleece in the shops there, but I have not seen it at Moon Yue’s shop. He will primarily have high end fabrics, silk, linen, occasionally some fine cotton or ‘cool wool’.

      Be aware that many of the shops in Sham Shui Po will have only samples. You will need to place your order and wait a couple of days for the fabric to be brought over from warehouses on the mainland. I always tell people to shop for fabric early in the trip and make their selections, so that they can have them to take home at the end of the trip, rather than pay for shipping.

      You can go sightseeing or shop for notions and haberdashery items after you have done the fabric shopping, as those shops will have the stock in-store.

  29. Hello, I thought this might be useful information to share with anyone who is looking for balls of wool for crocheting or knitting. It seems to be quite difficult to find in SSP, so I usually trek over to Mongkok/Prince Edward. If you visit the old Ladies’ Market on Fa Yuen Street (not the new, commercialised ‘Temple Street’ one) there are a few stalls there that sell a wide variety of balls of wool. Here you can generally buy a ball of wool for between $15-50, depending on type.

    In addition, on the same street, there is Double Knit Yarn, 179 Fa Yuen Street, in a walk up building, entrance behind the market stalls. They stock a huge variety of wool but in general they are more expensive than the market stalls.

    The same can be said for Cheer Wool in Wan Chai, Hennessy Road. More variety, shop prices.

    Other places to find wool:
    Paris Cotton Singlets, Pak Sha Road, Causeway Bay
    Tailor and Alteration Needlework Club-
    Causeway Bay – 19/F Kin Tak Fung Commercial Building, 467-473 Hennessy Road Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
    Kwun Tong – Room C 12/F ,Block 1,Yip Fat Factory Building, 77Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong Kowloon

    You can also buy small balls of Japanese wool from Aeon Living Plaza (and they’re everywhere!)

    If anyone knows of any more places to go to buy affordable wool in HK, please let me know!

    Thanks! 🙂

  30. I wonder if anyone has some solid information on which street/stores might have good handbag findings? I am looking for twist-lock closures, frames, bag feet, etc. I came across a store once in my travels but have not been able to relocate it since.

  31. Hey Wanda! Thank you for this excellent post! I’m looking to buy silk in Sham Shui Po for a friend but I’m not exactly a silk expert – will they be 100% real and not fake? Also, how much do prices vary from stall to stall…is it worth going to a few and asking/writing down prices or will they be pretty much the same so I can just stop at the first store I see and save myself the hassle?

    Also are all the prices fixed and shown? Or is it more of a case that you have to ask and they tell you? I’ve had instances where locals would bump up the price because I look foreign and they think I’m a tourist. Thanks!

    1. It can be tough to buy for a friend unless you are sure of what she wants.

      If she wants dress fabric, I highly recommend going by Moon Yue’s shop. ex-pats go there all the time, plus a lot of us from this thread. He has real silk and he won’t gyp you.His prices are set, as they are in many of the shops. he also has a lot of Shanghai Tang silk, if they want more traditional silk. Some of it has a shot weave, so that it looks one colour from a certain angle and an entirely different colour from another angle. Very lovely, if you want the traditional silk.

      Moon Yue is at 125 Yu Chau St. You go up a narrow flight of stairs. You will see a glass door that you enter through.

      In the stalls, you might be able to bargain, but in the shops not so much, unless you buy a large quantity. for instance, I bought about 150 bling-y clasp buckles for a friend. They gave me the wholesale price and then we bargained it down a small amount after that because I was a repeat customer.

      In many of the shops in Sham Shui Po, you will find only samples. You will need to place the order and come back for the material in a couple of days. leave yourself time for that eventuality. Many of these cards will have 2 prices on them. One is for small cuts and the other is a wholesale price, which applies if you buy more than 5 yards or in some cases more than 10 yards.

  32. Hi there,
    I will only have a day in Hong Kong (layover) and I want to spend my time at Moon Yue as I am looking for high-end silk. Is it possible to order and then have it shipped to the UK? I won’t be in Hong Kong long enough unfortunately to go back and collect.

    1. It would be tough to order from Moon Yue, since they are basically a jobber with ends of rolls from high end fashion workshops and mills. You will need to go there to pick out your fabric. I do not know if they will ship for you or not. But if you do not have room in your suitcase, there is a place in the airport that will box it for you and you can check it. It is in the departures hall right by the Air Canada check in. I am sorry, but I do not recall which aisle that is. but just look for Air Canada check in and you will see it.

      1. Hi there – thanks so much for getting back to me! I will have an hour to spend in his shop so I will go and see what he has to offer. And then I will do what you say and get the airport to box it and ship it for me 🙂

  33. My apologies, I know that the information is somewhere in here but could anyone quickly summarise where best to find wool in SSP and HK island. From what I’ve read so far SSP is rather lacking but where are the main places in SPP to get yarn for knitting? Surely there should still be some locations. Gf requested some.


  34. Hi,
    Where can I buy pure silk clothing for Tai Chi that best cost-effectiveness in Hong Kong?
    I go to Chinese art and craft , Yu hwa are very expensive cost. How much the cost that suitable of jacket and long pants?

  35. Hello!
    I’m in HK this week and I’m looking for a place that sells undyed ( white, natural) pure silk fabrics. Any suggestions would be awesome!

  36. Hi I’ll be in Hong kong in two weeks and i am mostly looking for lingerie supplies as i make and design lingerie, so large rolls of picot elastic, bra straps and lace trims, do you know where will be the best to get them?


    1. Bonnie, did you find elastics? I lucked in great picot elastic and stretch laces for bra and panties (aka “knickers”) at the Hawkers Bazaar. HKD $5 for the narrower stuff and HKD $10 for the 8″ stuff.

    1. I am a quilter, but I have not shopped for quilting fabric in HK. Mostly silk and sometimes knits, lace and home dec. Maybe someone else will be able to help.

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