A great day in Rome

On the day that we were due to leave Rome, we woke up to find out that our flight had been delayed by 7 hours.  Fortunately, the manager of our apartment was happy for us to delay our check – out by 7 hours, and we had another day in Rome!

We walked down to Campo De Fiori and fortuitously found a yarn shop in the side street (if you believe that it was an accident, I have a Colosseum to sell you…).

This is a classically Italian yarn shop (based on my sample size of oh, three) – with a lovely selection of pure cashmere, laceweights, beautiful tweeds, and some multi-coloured yarns (although not much in the way of sock yarn).  It still operated as a habadashery, and seemed to have a selection of bras and fabrics to complete the overstuffed small shop.

The woman working in the store spoke almost no English, and my Italian is pretty non-existent, but we were able to work out customer service, and I picked up some lovely dark green cashmere.  The store has some lovely features – check out the hanks of yarn door handles.

As well as visiting this yarn shop (who knows, you might be travelling with people who don’t quite share your enthusiasm), a walk around Campo de Fiori will satisfy food lovers,

dog lovers (the sign reads “dog parking”),

and flower lovers.

We did some successful shopping (I only wish that we had been there on our first day in Rome, so that we could have stocked the apartment with flowers, and lovely food), and had a delicious (and inexpensive) lunch here.

All in all, a very successful unexpected day in Rome.  If you are in Rome, suggest a visit to Campo de Fiori, and plan a walking route that happens to take you past Lana della Vecchia, 3 Via dei Baullari, Rome.


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11 thoughts on “A great day in Rome”

  1. Thanks for taking us on your tour of Rome. I love the handles on that yarn shop. I snapped the same picture when I visited a few years ago. Such fun. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  2. I don’t know what I like more, the yarn, the flowers, the food — the first yarn shop I even went to as a kid was like that, run by an older couple of probably German immigrants. I think it even had ‘foundation garments’ – but not dog parking.

  3. How did I not know you were coming here to Italy? LOL I just spent all of last week in Rome … and it rained the entire time! Glad that you had such a great time.

  4. How wonderful! I’m going to Rome in three weeks and was wondering how in the world I’d take enough yarn to keep me busy without taking too much.

  5. I can’t believe I found this! Was trying to find the yarn shop where I bought some yarn years ago, all I knew was that it was near the Campo dei Fiori. A google of “yarn shop campo dei Fiori” turned up your lovely blog. Thanks for a fabulous memory and wonderful photos! So glad I know where to send my friends now : )
    Happy knitting.

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