Worse Hat

When I frogged the last bad hat, I was hopeful that I would get to show off a much better hat in Paris.  Instead, I present you with a Parisian still life: “worse hat (blocking)”.

Remolino Hat might yet be a good pattern, but I made a number of idiotic errors for an experienced knitter.  I didn’t check gauge, and made it quite a bit larger than specified in the pattern (you will note that the wine bottles are empty, and that might have accounted for some of the problems!).  While I was quite happy with the appearance of the knitted fabric;

when I put it on, one of my darling children said that I looked like Strawberry Shortcake.

When I summon the emotional energy, the hat will go to the frog pond, and be made into something else.  The photos were inspired by my visit to the Heinrich Kuhn retrospective at the Orangerie, which I loved.

Pattern: Remolino Hat (Ravelry link), by Melissa Goodale.  Ravelry notes here.

Needles: Knit Picks Acrylic interchangeables size 7.00 mm (apparently too large).

Yarn:  Lana Grossa Qui, saved from this frogged project.

I still have two more posts on our Europe trip – we found a wonderful yarn shop in Paris and Rome, but couldn’t post while I was away because I forgot the cable for my new camera. While I love my Panasonic DMC-TZ10, you need to use a special custom cable to download photos, instead of a standard USB cable.  Next time I am looking for a camera, I will make sure to check that you only need a standard USB to download photos.

In other news, I am now sweltering through a Sydney heat wave, and have made the decision (in the absence of a buyer) to close down Yarn Workshop. I will sell all remaining stock on Ebay, or to anyone who cares to make an offer for more than 5kg (send emails to ingrid@yarnworkshop.com).  I’m not planning to completely drop out of the knitting world, but need to cut back on the business if I am going to make a go of university life. 


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8 thoughts on “Worse Hat”

  1. Oh Ingrid what a shame because your right, it is a great pattern 🙂

    maybe you should give it to that cheeky child as a present…hehehe

    Pictures look pretty though and shame about the business 😦

  2. I saw that exhibition too, and I also loved it. The intimacy of the photos of his children, and his nanny turned mistress were very personal, I got a strong sense of him being a devoted family man ..

    last comment i promise.

  3. oh bugger. some hats are just not meant to be. im not good with hats either. and bugger about the business too. for us i mean. im sure its the right move for you tho.

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