Bad hat II

Apparently, I’ve left my hipster years behind …

While I could wear this hat,  it would only be if I was freezing, and had no other alternative.  I’m not going to be seen in it in public, except for the educational purposes of this blog post (and I had some doubts about even doing that!). This attempt at Felicity is destined to be unravelled tonight, and reknitted as Remolino.

I’ve been offline for a while – so haven’t been reading blogs, much less commenting.  The house move was a process of lurching from one disaster to another.  Telecommunication company broken promises, kitchen benches that didn’t fit, and incompetent removalists, we had them all.   We managed to have the house relatively habitable for Christmas Day, but did not get my computer completely up and running until yesterday. Below, you can see some of the food from Christmas Day – a Turducken (which was much tastier in anticipation than in reality – too much stuffing), and a glazed ham.

And, of course, the kids got their Christmas treat of cake for breakfast.  This year the German Cherry Tart was topped with crushed macadamias instead of almonds – an alteration that I will make again.

We are off to Paris soon, leaving the house in the capable hands of the builder.  Hopefully, my first photos from Paris will show me wearing a much better hat!


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5 thoughts on “Bad hat II”

  1. Ah, sorry the house continues to give you grief!! Hope everything will be sorted in your absence in Paris!!

    I can’t wear beanies either – for me, the slouch hat/beret is always a winner! Remolino looks like a really good option!

  2. Remolino looks good. I need to make myself something like that. However, since it is 3 degrees F today, I don’t really care what I look like. Then again, I won’t be in Paris! Happy New YEar, Bonne Annee and fun travels. Here’s hoping things are sorted out for your return. I still have no dining room ceiling.

  3. Oh I don’t know, I thought that hat looked perfectly fine until you mentioned how bad it was.. I still think it looks great !

    Now that cake of yours, definitely looks great, something I think we may both agree on ;D YUM !!!!!

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