Feeling good

Today I turn 40, and I must say, I feel quite happy about it.  I received these lovely cards from my kids, and took the picture of them with my new camera.

In the photo of the camera, you will also see my new necklace (doesn’t the Fireman have great taste in jewellery?).  It is vintage Mexican silver, and is very comfortable to wear. Note to self, next time clean the bathroom mirror before taking self portrait.  But the best bit of my birthday celebrations will have to wait until January, when I get to relax in a hotel in Paris, without my children…  Of course, I will miss them madly, but that is part of the fun of being a parent.

Apart from those lovely gifts, I am running around with a million jobs to do.  There is too much happening in our lives at the moment. I am meeting the accountant tomorrow to do our taxes, we move house in 8 days, and am trying to get information together for potential business buyers.  As well as this, it is Older Daughter’s birthday tomorrow, and her party on Saturday, and the builder keeps giving me new jobs to do.  Today it is wardrobe handles and lights. Luckily, my parents come to visit today, and my mother doesn’t know it yet, but she is cooking me dinner (oh, and cupcakes for Older Daughter’s class tomorrow).


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13 thoughts on “Feeling good”

  1. Happy Birthday. When I turned forty, which I called FortyFest, I celebrated for about two months. Hope your celebration lasts as long! And what a gorgeous necklace. Isn’t it amazing how hard it is to find things like lights that you really like? I never seem to notice other peoples, but now I’m fussing about what I’m going to get. Then once they are in place I’m sure I won’t notice them any longer.

  2. Happy birthday! What lovely stuff – and a trip to Paris to boot! How very lovely you make turning 40 sound – I think I am almost looking forward to it now that it’s not very far away.

    The necklace is stunning. What a gorgeous piece!

  3. Happy birthday – you know what they say – life begins at 40 – I loved the years between 40 and about 55 – the best.
    I love the necklace! You couldn’t lend the fireman to take Grandpea Flea shopping, could you?!

  4. Happy Birthday to you ! …40 doesn’t hurt and you scrub up well ;D

    Love the cards – Love the camera – Love the necklace (definitely good taste)…

    LOVE – LOVE – LOVE — >PARIS !!!! …you lucky duck !

  5. rather belated birthday wishes from me, i hope you had a great one and have survived the ensuing few weeks in one piece. may 2011 bring lots of nice surprises!

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