Life destash

I’ve decided to put Yarn Workshop on the market.  To say that I am ambivalent about this decision is an understatement. I’ve really enjoyed running Yarn Workshop, I’ve loved meeting my customers and playing with lots of yarn, and I’ve really loved helping lots of people with the supplies for their own home based businesses.

Since we moved back to Australia, I’ve been thinking a lot about the shape that my life should take.  Being back in Sydney has reminded me of my former career in law, and I’ve felt increasingly pulled back towards the legal world.  I’ve  been fortunate enough to have been offered work next year teaching law to university students, and have decided to take it.  While there was a part of me that wanted to teach law, and run the business, the saner side of me prevailed.

So if you are interested in running a profitable yarn business, now is your chance!


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6 thoughts on “Life destash”

  1. To say I am ambivalent about hearing that is also an understatement! Very excited for you but would be very sad to see yarn workshop go from your care! I shall have to order up big while I can.

  2. I have really enjoyed meeting you too, and am very upset about the news. I can’t think about it really.

    Good luck with the sale, I hope you get a buyer soon.

    And good luck with the teaching, what an exciting prospect!

  3. Sounds like an exciting change. Glad the saner side prevailed, although you could keep it and hire an extra employee. (Even more headaches?) Good luck with the sale. I suppose you are looking for a local?

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