Once upon a time,

there was a Younger Daughter who had no cashmere.  She was growing up in a family where all matters fibery were frequently discussed, and could not understand why her evil mother broke into laughter when Younger Daughter asked “why don’t I have any cashmere?”Luckily for the Younger Daughter, a (small) splinter of generosity fell into the heart of her selfish mother, and the mother knitted her a Sweet Peasy from left-over cashmere/merino that had been inexpertly overdyed.  Despite the imperfections, and the lack of colour fastness of the yarn, the cardigan was warm and soft.

Because the evil mother had been somewhat hopeful about the amounts of yarn that she had dyed, the sleeves were only three-quarters, and the body somewhat shorter than specified in the pattern.

The evil mother forced the Younger Daughter to tip-toe through a dusty building site on a cold and rainy day, to a corner where the mother had thought there might be good light.  The Younger Daughter was patient for the photos, the evil mother observed that she might finally have a house with decent light for garment photography, and they all lived happily ever after.

Pattern: Sweet Peasy (Ravelry link), by Heidi Kirrmaier.  Ravelry notes here. Knitted up fast because the evil mother was worried about running out of yarn.

Needles: Addi Metal 80cm fixed circulars 4.00 mm and 3.50 mm (larger than specified in the pattern). The evil mother had learned a lesson, and did a gauge swatch.

YarnColourmart Cashmere/Merino 8/28 DK weight Ocean Moon overdyed with Ashford Acid dye in purple.  Excess dye from this garment transferred to these socks.  5 grams of yarn left when the cardigan was finished.  Buttons from Hornsby Wool and Craft Nook (absurdly cheap – change from $2.00) .


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7 thoughts on “Once upon a time,”

  1. What an evil mother you are to force a child to live without cashmere for so long!! Heh heh.

    It looks really cool!! I like the 3/4 sleeves and shorter length – very hip!!

  2. What is it about knitting faster when we think we are going to run out of yarn? Strange mind game. And I am so glad I can call child protection and tell them not to visit again.

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