Hornsby Wool and Craft Nook

It’s been a while since I told you about a yarn shop, and when I was buying buttons for a recent project I finally got around to taking some photos of Hornsby Wool and Craft Nook (HWCN). The shop is in a rather dark arcade off the mall near Hornsby railway station.  If you are a visitor to Sydney, I should mention that Hornsby is a good 50 minute rail trip from Central station, and is probably not of great interest for a tourist.Nonetheless, HWCN is probably my first stop for buttons.  They have a good range of colours, and all the buttons are in tubes, unlike at the big craft stores where you need to buy a whole card of buttons.  While Tessuti has a lovely range, they are on the expensive side for kids clothes.

In addition to buttons, HWCN has Kaffe Fassett quilting fabrics, a nice selection of Amy Butler fabrics, and an excellent range of sewing notions.

On the yarn side of things, HWCN has an excellent range of Australian standard yarns (for want of a better descriptive term) – a wide range of Zara colours (at prices significantly better than other Sydney local yarn stores), Sirdar yarns, Patons, and some Rowan, and a small selection of sock yarns such as Jigsaw, Patonyle, Opal and some Noro sock yarns.  I was about to say that their range of knitting needles was pretty uninspiring, but now see that they are listed as a stockist of Lantern Moon needles? I didn’t notice that they had them in stock, but if they do, you should go and get some.  While I am not a huge fan of DPNs, I’ve enjoyed using the Lantern Moon ones that I was given at Sock Summit.

I would love to see some local hand dyed yarns at HWCN but fear that the progression of the standard Australian local yarn store has a while to go.  Those of you from the US will notice that most yarns are carefully wrapped in plastic, and at HWCN they are not exactly enthusiastic about you opening bags with abandon.  Having said that, I’ve always been treated in a friendly manner, and they’ve certainly indulged me while I’ve made huge decisions about spending $1.50 on buttons.

Craft must be pretty mainstream in Hornsby, because I was surprised to see that Woolworths supermarket at Hornsby has yarn (admittedly 100% acrylic) and a wide range of notions, including a knitting bag, needles for finishing knitting projects, and a plethora of various lint removers.

I was quite surprised at the range of notions available, including 5 different styles of bra expanders!



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6 thoughts on “Hornsby Wool and Craft Nook”

  1. I haven’t seen a bra expander in a good while, I must not look at the notions department carefully enough! Love the Iris socks. I’m with you, that socks for me have to be fairly mindless. I think I am fairly mindless, these days, so the knitting has to be, as well.

  2. YAY! I love the Hornsby Wool and Craft Nook, I find their prices competitive. K-mart in the westfield has yarn on sale at times, I got some patons & panda alpaca & wool blends for about $1 once! 🙂

  3. Wonderful place to find real wool,one of the few left, where you can actually feel the quality before you spend hard earned dollars. Staff are always helpful and attentive

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