Iris socks

I have a not so secret project to knit every pair of socks in Knitting Vintage Socks. Don’t hold your breath, because these socks took me nearly 11 months.  The problem was, they are a little bit complicated, and so not so suitable for ferrying the kids to their activities.  Unfortunately, I seem to think that TV watching knitting is restricted to items other than socks.

The pattern is Gentleman’s Sock for Evening Wear, and they are knitted out of Nature’s Palette Fingering weight from Hand Jive Knits, and they have been naturally dyed with iris.  The colour is not exactly what the dyer intended – when I spun them prior to blocking them, they were pressed against another finished object, knitted from the purple yarn in this post. I’m such an amateur dyer, I apparently did not fully set the colour, and the iris socks have some additional patches of purple that were transferred in the machine.  I have some dye remover, but am not sure if that would also remove the lovely iris colour?

The last two photos were taken by Older Daughter.  She was very excited to get her hands on the Fireman’s prized camera.  Both my children think that photographing finished knitted objects for the blog is a completely natural activity.  I wonder when they will realise that the whole world doesn’t take pictures of their socks?

Pattern: Gentleman’s Sock for Evening Wear (Ravelry link), by Nancy Bush, who is my idol (even after I met her!). From Knitting Vintage Socks, and adapted to knit magic loop. I did 10 repeats of the lace pattern before the heel instead of the recommended 7.  Ravelry notes here. Absolutely no problems with the pattern, as usual for a Nancy Bush.

Needles: Addi Metal 80cm fixed circulars 2.25 mm.

Yarn: Nature’s Palette by Hand Jive Knits in colour NP-138 Iris.  I used 2.6 skeins, which is about 90 yards shy of the recommended amount despite making the leg quite a bit longer than recommended. The first skein was undoubtedly a dud skein – was very thin in parts, with at least 8 knots, and occasionally falling away to one ply.  I would have returned it, except that returning an American yarn, purchased in Paris, while living in Australia – way too complicated.  The air miles that this project has accumulated are also worthy of worry.  The other 2 skeins were lovely, and problem free. Darker purple splotches on the socks are my own work.


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