My little witches

One of these costumes (the one for older daughter) was actually completed a year ago.  Simplicity 2845 is a dare I say it, simple pattern for a witch’s costume that can be knocked up easily in an evening (assuming that you buy a cheap hat).

I have limited photos – before the girls left for their Halloween disco the sun was setting, and the camera decided to run out of battery, so you will need to use the “atmospheric” shot above to imagine how the costumes look.

I made one big variation to the costume both times: the pattern specifies a felt cape, and I used same poly-cotton poplin (cheapest available at Lincraft) for the cape as I had for the dress.  While a felt cape might be necessary for a colder climate, I prefer a cape with more billow and flow.

This decision nearly did my head in.  The night before the disco I started cutting out, and discovered that I had only purchased the amount of fabric specified for the dress on the envelope.  It was 7pm, the kids were in bed and the Fireman was out, so I poured a glass of wine, swore a bit, and decided a re-think of proportions was in order.  I made the sleeves three-quarter length, and the dress low calf length (it was absurdly long as specified) and had enough fabric to make the cape according to the pattern.

Because I was using poplin, I also made a little facing to hold the neckline together.  As you will note above, the edges were barely finished – I tell myself it adds to the witchy appeal.  If I was making it again, I would make the cape more generous again – nothing like a cape for a bit of drama.

The hat pattern in Simplicity 2845 vexed me completely a year ago.  I can’t remember how exactly, but do recall stuffing a rather expensive piece of felt into the bin, and making arrangements for the purchase of a hat.  The pattern might be easier for someone with hat making experience, but for me it was a disaster.  This time the hat cost me $3 from Lincraft, and was worth every penny.

In other news, this is the state of the kitchen in our new to us house.

As you can see, we are a while off preparing a meal.  We are undertaking a major renovation, and it is testing my everything.  I had planned to write a blog about the process, but if I wrote about renovating now, it would be humourless and anxiety provoking.  We’ll see if hindsight makes me more relaxed!


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5 thoughts on “My little witches”

  1. Yes a good cape should be billowy and voluminous! And preferably lined with red silk, heh!

    Maybe just some before and after pics for the renos? I do love a good before and after pic!

  2. Witchy outfits looked awesome, so glad it was less of a drama this year, does this mean you are learning to do things the ‘easy’ way. LOL

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