Finished Jumping Sun

This is a free pattern that only comes in one size – a size 7.  Luckily for me, Older Daughter is 7 years old.  She is a rather petite 7 year old, and I think that the pattern would fit a larger 5 year old quite easily.  I substituted a garter band for the zigzag hem detail specified in the pattern.

I had to plead to get these photos taken yesterday – something about being 27°C made the model quite unwilling.  Fortuitously, the vest co-ordinated well with her outfit chosen earlier in the day. Today the weather has dropped to about 17°C, and she is wearing it voluntarily.  The pouch pocket has lots of appeal in the 7 year old world.

Pattern: Jumping Sun (Ravelry link), by Suvi Simola, who has a gorgeous blog.

Needles: Addi Metal 60cm fixed circulars 4.00 mm.

Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills Harmony in 268 Rose.  I have approximately 150 grams left if anyone is desperately googling it for a project (and am happy to send it to a crafter in need).  Lovely yarn for a kid’s project, but has a slightly nubby texture that really shows the decreases.  I had a slight arithmetic fail with the first lot of decreases, and they don’t line up perfectly.


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6 thoughts on “Finished Jumping Sun”

  1. Cute! Hey, I ordered myself some Blundstones. I got a $20 off and free shipping from a site in the states. The shipping from Australia is just crazy, even with your kind offer of a purchase and send. I hope they fit!

  2. Your version looks great! And the entire outfit of your daughter is just great too! The original looks kind of ‘halloween-y’ to me. I might just knit one for my 7-year-old too, she loves pouch pockets.

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