Gauge Fail

I’ve knitted with Zara before, and when I started to read the pattern for Sweet Peasy, I thought that the recommended needle size seemed a bit small, and went from a 3.5mm to a 3.75 mm.  Sweet Peasy is knitted from the top down, and is quite frankly, a bit of a pain in the neck, requiring lots of concentration to knit while establishing the neckline, raglan shaping, and lace.  Once I got it established, I ploughed on, and didn’t check gauge until the cardigan was finished.   My gauge was 24 stitches, and the pattern specifies 22 stitches to  10cm.  So the fault lies with me, that this gorgeous little cardi fits the recipient like a sausage skin.

To give you an idea of how small it is, here it is over a size 4-5 H&M t-shirt (the recipient has just turned 3). The lesson learned is that while you can do a “gauge sleeve” with a bottom up knit (and not have invested too much time or effort if the gauge is off), a gauge swatch is really, really necessary with a top down knit.

Pattern: Sweet Peasy (Ravelry link), by Heidi Kirrmaier, who seems to be the knitwear designer of the moment.

Needles: Addi Metal 80cm fixed circulars 3.75 mm, and Addi Metal 80cm fixed circulars 3.50mm for the garter edges.

Yarn: Filatura di Crosa Zara 1424, a perfect dark navy.  Yarn is lovely and soft, and should wear well. Would also consider Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic 8 ply for this one, but of course, they don’t have a good navy!


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7 thoughts on “Gauge Fail”

  1. Oh that is irritating. I always figure gauge isn’t such a big issue for kids stuff, but if it is too small, that is a problem. It’s cute, though. I love top down, a good reminder to recheck gauge as I go. I am currently doing Acorns from Twist collective and did make a swatch that I even washed and blocked. (Gasp!) but things change and gauge is an evil trickster.

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