I didn’t knit this

But there I have a beautifully knit Topstykke made from hand-dyed Grafton.  I haven’t introduced Roz here before, but she helps me out in the business, and is a completely wonderful hand crafter – knitting, spinning, dyeing and quilting.  She knitted this Topstykke for her daughter, but it was too large.

Luckily, it fit me well, until I spilt tea on it. Then the issue arose.  Now, I am not a newbie when it comes to washing handknits, I wash them carefully, and then spin them, and dry flat.  The top is only on the coat hanger for my fairly pathetic attempt at photography.

The neckline on this top has stretched tremendously after washing, especially across the shoulders.  As I have commented before, I am lacking in the shoulder department, and this meant that the top is now pretty much unwearable.

It might be a combination of the relatively inelastic yak hair, and the tendency of knitting to stretch across the grain.  If you have ever worn a sweater where the sleeves are knitting widthwise you might have experience the phenomenon of forever growing sleeves. After consulting with Roz (also known as the brains trust), I’m going to pull a thread in the garter stitch around the neck, and re-knit upwards (and probable gather the sleeves more for some additional puff), and then secure everything with a crochet chain on the inside. Just to prove that it is beautifully knit, here is a closeup.

Now, once my Topstykke is fixed, I’ll wear it (quite a bit I think), but my enthusiasm for knitting the kit that I originally purchased has waned to nil.  Anyone interested in purchasing a Topstykke kit that is only a little bit used (all yarn for sizes up to XL and pattern included)? The colour is petrol (which is rather more blue in real life)  if you are keen, and a hefty discount on retail would be available. (especially if you are in Australia). Tips on a crochet chain to secure the neck would be free.


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8 thoughts on “I didn’t knit this”

  1. Love this. I have one and love it immensely. I might sew a ribbon into the neck line, since I have the same problem (in a much smaller scale) with the front pulling down.The Geilsk yarn is one of my favorites – I’m actually wearing a cardigan in it right now.

  2. That is too bad – I spill tea on everything, it is such a b*&tch to get out. I made an unspun icelandic wool sweater/jacket that grew so much I tried to felt it and ended up throwing it out in disgust. I think that your solution sounds like it will work, but Little Miss’s addition of a ribbon might be helpful after your fix. A new PM yet down there?

  3. oh gosh thats beautiful. i am very tempted too, except id have to upsize it, but its just gorgeous. i can see why you have reservations though. still, its seriously gorgeous.

  4. Don’t worry about it Ingrid, this has been a really good excercise for us and given us an opportunity to solve a problem. I think the stitched ribbon around the inside edge is a really good idea too.
    I have another tunic on the needles now, in Grafton, but for the next one I intend to knit in some knitters elastic on the first section, the neckline for about 8 to 10 rows or so. It will be interesting to see if this makes a difference. I will finish the tunic on the needles now and then go back and reinforce the neckline before I have to wash it. So shall update my blog with the result

    1. I might be interested – could you post a picture of the yarn, please?

      Roz, did you have any trouble with this pattern? Several people on Ravelry have mentioned having to restart this project several times until the pattern made sense, which is what’s stopped me from buying the kit.

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