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Since moving back to Australia, there are aspects of Hong Kong life that I miss – especially my meet-ups with other knitters and knit bloggers.  I was the lucky member of 2 groups, one which met every month or so, and one that met weekly on Friday afternoons.

There are lots of after hours and weekend meet-ups in Sydney, but for a number of reasons, they don’t suit our family, and I am resorting to organising a brand-new Friday morning group.  We are starting this Friday (the 13th!) at 10.30am at Bar Fresko in Gordon.  I’ll be there, along with RoseRed, and hopefully some other knitters (maybe Celia?).

There are other aspects of Hong Kong life that I miss – dyeing is not as tempting when I need to clean the kitchen first – especially when I tend to make this kind of mess.

For those of you who have similar mishaps – Jif cream cleanser (aka Cif in a lot of the world) will clean up dye spilt on laminate without any residual staining.

Despite the mess created, I am quite happy with the results of my recent experiments in overdyeing.  When I made Isabella, I massively over purchased from Colourmart, and ended up with about 550 grams of leftovers.  After overdyeing, I have these two yarns!

The purple will become a vest for younger daughter (who recently complained that she had no cashmere – someone alert child protective services).  I’m contemplating something yoked, perhaps with some colourwork on it.  The teal will be this lovely pattern from Drops for me!


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13 thoughts on “Knit with me”

  1. Didn’t you make messes when you were in Hong Kong? The overdyed yarn looks good. However, I am a bit shocked to discover what a neglectful parent you are.

  2. The teal is gorgeous! I’m fighting a bit of teal envy if the truth be told…what dye did you use? My recent indigo success with some kiama has got me all dye enthused again 🙂 I think teal may be next.

    Wish I was in Sydney because a Friday morning would suit me perfectly. But once you count flight time, it’s not going to work 😦 Have fun, I hope the new group takes off for you.

  3. Weeeeeeeeeee! Will be there with bells on!

    Nice work on the overdying. Cannot believe you have a child without a cashmere garment. Simply appalling parenting!!

  4. RMK (Rapid Mould Killer) bathroom cleaner works too. Thank heavens – I don’t know how’d I’d explain the beige countertop being bright Aqua to the real estate! 😉

  5. Jif is good – so is ajax and domestos on a moist cloth, cloth on the stain and wait a few minutes.

    The overdyed yarns are looking great.

    Your youngest daughter’s developing taste like her father perhaps?

    Good luck with your new knitting group, you can’t go wrong with Rose Red.


  6. great pattern and beautiful colours. i love that she needs cashmere. of course she does. hello! ive tried so many times to get a group going during work hours (at my workplace) but to no avail. i think you will have better luck tho!

  7. OOOhhhh, love the project you have in mind for the newly dyed yarn.
    And where is the post of your new tunic?????
    The knitting group sounds great, this Friday I am still in Port Macquarie but would love to attend when in Sydney.

  8. My local knitting group seems to have evaporated – I guess everyone is busy over the summer, so maybe it’ll soon be time to start it up again. I hope your Friday meet-up goes well 🙂 And I LOVE that purple!

  9. I’d love to come and knit, but I have the small person with me on Fridays which makes it almost impossible to knit (or talk without interruption).
    Hope the new group takes off.

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