“Don’t get high on your own supply”*

Recently, I’ve been in a flurry of beginning projects.  Unfortunately, project monogamy is a state I am completely unable to achieve.  The Fireman is waiting, shivering, for his Seamless Hybrid, which now has a body completed to the armpits and an almost sleeve.  The acres of stockinette were boring me silly, and the length of male arms is just ridiculous. I also have my Skater’s Over-top completed to the armpits (detect a theme there?), but completing that will require at least three hours of high concentration knitting. First, I need to frog the Kid-Silk Haze, and then pick up a zillion stitches, re-remember the lace stitch pattern and then, get the yoke happening.

While I was trawling through my friends’ favourites in Ravelry, I came across Topstykke. The Australian dollar was at an high, the wine had miraculously helped my ability to navigate a Danish website, and two weeks ago the kit arrived on my doorstep.  I’ve only had to cast it on four times, due to my inability to count to 162, or to accurately read an instruction how to make 1. Yesterday, I realised that I had already used 3 different sizes of Addi circulars to progress this far in the project (a 4mm 60cm to cast on, a 80cm 3.5mm for the first two attempts, and then a 60 cm 3.5mm for the last two).  For the recent past, I’ve had the luxury of having a huge range of Addi needles in my house, and I think that I might have become very accustomed to it.  The down side – that my store stock levels are dropping low enough to impact my profligate use of new knitting needles.  How could I have sold out of 4mm 80cm Addi needles without reserving some for myself? The dangers of having a ready supply of Addi needles at all times…

While some might suggest finishing a project or two, the more indulgent side of my personality has already researched the following set from Arpat Yarns.

The kit for Topstykke looks great, but I would warn potential buyers that the wool is most definitely on the rustic side.  I won’t be wearing it against my skin

* Scarface 1983


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7 thoughts on ““Don’t get high on your own supply”*”

  1. That Topstykke pattern is just fab! Love it! How did I miss that in my friend’s activity?? going to queue it now!

    (Back away from the needles on eBay…!!)

  2. I made Topstykke a while ago and I’ve been knitting various cardigans i the same yarn too – it blooms after washing and I have never had any problems wearing it right next to my skin. I wear the cardigans at least once a week and they still look right new.

  3. i am still giggling thinking of all that frogging and re casting on. i did it three times yesterday and that was just with a swatch! sometimes it pays to do the thing right tho, and thats going to look amazing!

  4. Well Ingrid if you had used your own Grafton you may find that after washing and dyeing the yarn is luxurious, soft and oh so knittable…
    Still working out the PM, place marker thing tho, LOL

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