Wool Day in Canberra

A somewhat belated report, but necessary, because I need to urge you all to visit next year.  Wool Day in Canberra was wonderful, but I took no useful photos (partially due to the pain killers I was taking to get over a whiplash injury on the Friday night preceding). There were lots of interesting fibery products, including a fair range of hand-dyed yarns.

I got to meet some people who I has only previously known through the internet, including Donna (battling a severe cold), Bells, Kylie, and Atholie.  Atholie started talking to my sister and I, when I was trying to justify another purchase of green yarn from Ailsa. Who was I trying to kid? I love Ailsa’s greens, and don’t mind if I have many skeins that are similar, but ever so slightly different.

I was startled by how low the prices were on many products – my sister bought a skein of hand dyed sock yarn for AUD$15.   I purchased a splendiferous skein of 50% silk/50% Polwarth wool from this mob, and a 190 gram skein was only AUD $31!  Now, I know that I sell yarn, but for the kind of artisanal yarn that these guys are producing – that’s a ridiculously low price.  The yarn is worsted spun, and unbelievably lush.  Thanks Bells for showing me your purchase! There were handspun skeins of wool that were gorgeous, for under $20.

I purchased some gorgeous yarns, including the green one from Ailsa. Photos of those will have to wait, because whenever I think about it, its raining.

On the home from Canberra we noticed a sign.

It was like they knew that fibre obsessed people would be zooming down the freeway.  I was astonished – a freeway yarn shop in Australia?  For that matter, a freeway yarn shop, anywhere?? We stopped, and a very friendly alpaca herder did tell us that the owners would open the shop for us, if we just gave them a call.  We peeked through the window and could see yarn, clothing and blankets.  While we were tempted, it was late Sunday afternoon, and we had no immediate need for further yarn.  If we are traveling that way again, we will stop in – and call ahead.

Looking at the website for Cedar House Alpacas, I see that their main business is breeding alpacas (that must be the “pets” above).  Maybe we won’t stop, apart from the fact that I don’t think livestock are allowed under our current lease, an alpaca in a suburban backyard?  Although, just look at them, they are cute…Anyhow, Wool Day Canberra is worth the trip from Sydney. Apart from the fibre, there was lovely food, and I bought a fantastic guernsey that is fantastically warm (from Dowlings Country, who apparently do not have a website).  I’m always up for a trip to the stomping grounds of my miss-spent youth.   However, I would only recommend that you make it a day trip of you have a similarly wool obsessed traveling companion (3.5 hours there and back!). Luckily for me, my sister fits the bill.


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4 thoughts on “Wool Day in Canberra”

  1. I meant to ask you about wool day when you were here on Tuesday but I forgot! So glad you’ve posted! Hopefully I’ll be able to get there next year, as all the great reports have made me so very envious!

  2. I just got back from traveling with my sisters who think my knitting is at best a slightly endearing quirk. The idea of Sock Summit sent them into gales of laughter every time I mentioned it. Glad you had a good trip with your sister. Perhaps I’ll send them a link to this post.

  3. it was so great to meet you, you wonderful enabler you! and what a great day it was. youre right about how cheap things are really and that pol/silk is amazing, i am going to get a whole cardi out of one and a bit of those hanks, so less than $40. crazy! ive seen that place on the freeway but never knew they had a shop. next time. packys are soooo cute…

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