“In a perfect world we’d all sing in tune, but this is reality, so give me some room”*

Do you have crafting fantasies?  I do. I had one that I was going to meet Soozs wearing a fabulous top that I had just finished sewing.   I did get to meet her (and her delightful daughter) last Friday, but in store bought clothes.  The meeting was just as fun as I had anticipated, but would have been perfect if the black and white top that I had envisaged was not still partially cut out, in a bag, somewhere in this mess of a partially set-up house. Soozs was organized, and gave me a gorgeous hand printed tea towel (photos to follow).

I’ve just sent a note out to the mailing list to say that the store re-opening will be delayed until the 20th of March.  While we’ve moved into our temporary house, there are still boxes to be unpacked, essential household items to be procured, one child that is not settling in smoothly to school in Australia, and a mother undergoing chemotherapy.  In addition, the shipping company re-boxed a lot of my stock, and I have to completely re-organise the warehouse to find everything. So I haven’t been crafting, but I do have photos of other people’s work to show you. 

My mother has been spending a lot of time at home while having chemo, and has made some gorgeous things.  In particular, she’s been on a Mara kick.

Purple Mara (using leftovers) Ravelry link

 Red/Orange Mara Ravelry Link

Both these Maras were made with left over sock yarn, with a fairly random selection tied together with one colour for the border (and I suspect a few rows throughout the project).  The final Mara is made from a fairly scratchy self-striping yarn – the details of which are a mystery (both to Mum and me).  While it is probably my least favourite in real life, it photographs like a dream.

Blue Red Mara Ravelry Link

So now, the question of the day is, where are my sock yarn leftovers?.

* Billy Bragg “Waiting for the Great Leap Forward” from Workers’ Playtime.


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8 thoughts on ““In a perfect world we’d all sing in tune, but this is reality, so give me some room”*”

  1. Good luck with the unpacking. Your mother is a gorgeous knitter and how marvellous to be knitting up all those colors whilst enduring her chemo. I think I may have been inspired to use up my leftover sock yarn too and knit one for myself. Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Wow, they are stunning! And do you know? I so didn’t notice your attire – in a good way! I was absorbed in the delight of finally meeting, the rapid fire conversation, the fantastic food (REAL Thai food! The glory!) and the generally surreal joy of being loose in a big city with my girl and good friends. Clothes are so far down the priority list! It was a joy to meet you – and I can’t wait to do it again 🙂

  3. I can see where you get your color eye from – beautiful colors (and photos) good luck with your bumpy road journeys. Just moving house is unsettling enough without all the extras thrown in.

  4. Really beautiful. I had never thought to use leftovers for this shawl. I’m currently knitting this pattern and its kinda dragging on in a solid color, next time I might use her idea to mix it up!

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