Lovely stripey socks

Shortly after I took the (blurry photo) above (while on the Metro in Paris), we were approached by an extremely fashion forward gentleman in Galeries Lafayette.  We were browsing the men’s shoes department, when the fashion forward gentleman sidled up to me, and whispered in a english accent “I’d recognise Blundstones anywhere!” I was trying to think of a clever reply, but he had already moved on.

For those of you who are not familiar with Blundstones, they are an Australian work boot that is comfortable, light, water resistant (and at least in Australia) relatively inexpensive.  I paid AUD $45 for my first pair (a loooong time ago), so it startles me to see them on sale for US $150.  The Fireman’s Blundstones fit perfectly with handknit socks, and he had warm dry feet in below freezing temperatures.

The socks are knitted from hand-dyed self striping yarn from StudioAvenueSix.  I met Rachel at Sock Summit, and have been delighted with the yarn. She might be persuaded to ship internationally if you ask her nicely.  The colours of her yarn are lovely (which is not always the case with self-striping yarn), and stripe perfectly.

There’s not much to say about the knitting of these socks, except that the second sock was made a lot quicker through the policy change in the Australian Government which finally allowed legal knitting on international flights.  I had been knitting on international flights for years, and had only had my needles confiscated twice, but there was always a frisson of excitement as I passed through security screening to see whether a 2.5mm circular would be deemed a risk to my fellow passengers or the plane.

The pattern is my standard, a Classic Sock by Nancy Bush.  Next pair of socks to be commenced will be a little more challenging – I’ve been itching to restart my project to knit every pair of socks in Knitting Vintage Socks, and have commandeered my sister’s copy while we await the unpacking of our house.  I did buy some sock yarn in Paris, and will be casting on soon. 

In other news, we will be moving into our “6 month” house at the end of the month, and leaving the temporary apartment.  The girls are back in school, and I am trying to figure out business establishment in Australia for the re-opening of Yarn Workshop.  Paris seems a while ago now.


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6 thoughts on “Lovely stripey socks”

  1. They are lovely stripey socks!! My blunnies died last year at Bendigo (well, I think they died before that, but I hadn’t realised). Don’t know why, but the sole just started flaking off in huge chunks. Sigh. They were great in New York!

    Glad you found a 6 month house. Hope the move in goes smoothly.

  2. Lovely socks. I have wanted to get some Blundestones for ages, but they are pricey here. The horsey catalogues sometimes have them on sale, but then there are none left in my size. Glad to hear things are moving forward.

  3. I used to love my lace-up Blunnies back in the day; they were the only shoes that would last longer than a couple of months! It’s a shame that I wasn’t a knitter at the time, as a pair of hand-knit socks would go perfectly.

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