Loving the hand knits

So, we had a flurry of knitting to get the family as warm as possible for the trip.  These socks were finished, and photographed without being blocked.

The colourwork was spectacularly unsuccessful.  Next time I will use a better contrasting yarn – using a hand dyed yarn with lots of the dominant colour of the socks means that the pattern really doesn’t stand out.  The pattern is the romantically named “sheep’s eye” from Folk Knitting in Estonia. However the socks are warm, and were worn by older daughter yesterday. The socks are basic stockingette socks from Folk Socks.

This hat was finished and blocked, and nearly came to disaster when if was spun with a pair of socks that were still leaching a little dye (entirely my own fault).  I’m glad to say that Dylon Colour Run Remover is safe for cashmere.The hat is too large because I did not check gauge, but older daughter is very happy with it, and it is being worn every day.  You can also see a little of younger daughter wearing this hat.  So where is this cold place?  Here’s another clue.

We didn’t realise that cold weather could close the Eiffel Tower to visitors.  We have nealry two weeks left in Paris, so should get to go up the Eiffel Tower at some point where the weather goes over freezing.  Today the maximum was -2° C!  In addition to wearing my Koolhaas hat (now reblocked even larger), I’m also wearing a gorgeous scarf knitted by my sister for my birthday last December.  You can see a much better shot of it here. I love the way that wool keeps you so warm – in particular, I plan to wear only hand knitted socks while I am here.

I’ll post more about our Paris adventures in the next week.  I will be doing some yarn and pattern shopping, and was able to do heaps of knitting on the flights.


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12 thoughts on “Loving the hand knits”

  1. What a great trip! Looking forward to reading more of your adventures there. Maybe they close the Eiffel Tower in freezing weather because they’re sick of tourists sticking their tongues to it? 🙂

  2. That scarf is beautiful! I went for a closer look.

    I went to the Eiffel Tower on a fairly warm night in early spring and found it windy and freezing the top. I can’t imagine how cold it must be in winter. Ouch. I’m glad I got to go up, though. It was one of the highlights of my life. I hope you went up too.

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