Thinking about friends

Thanks so much for all the well wishes after my last post.  I haven’t replied to everyone – but all your kind words have really made a difference to me.

Of course, when you are moving countries, you think a lot about friendships, and I’ve been saying good-bye to a lot of wonderful people.  Tomorrow, I’ll be having lunch with Siow Chin and some other Hong Kong knitters, and I’ve already said good-bye to my beloved Friday afternoon knitting group.  They gave me a gorgeous necklace (and cute sheep tape measure) which are sadly un-photographed, because the packers have been surprisingly quick.

My move to Sydney will be easier than most, I already have family and friends there.  Apart from real life friends, I’ll still have the blog world, and it is a very comforting constant.  I’ve found that the energy that I put into blogging has been repaid many times with friendships that span the globe, and some very entertaining and thoughtful email exchanges. There’s nothing like receiving an email that makes you spray wine out of your nose (not mentioning anyone in particular).

Not so long ago, I became more of a regular commenter on Soozs’ blog, and in particular, I admired this bag. Within a very short time, Suzie had suggested a swap, and I was keen to participate, but anxious about what to make.

A couple of weeks ago, I received this gorgeous bag.

With, a matching sunglasses case and a CD. It is a fantastic gift. The bag is exactly the kind of thing that I would make if I had better taste.  Thanks a lot, Suzie.

It took me some time to get my parcel in the mail, but it is gone now.  Through my extremely inexpert and slapdash dyeing, some Kiama nearly met a sticky end (I need to restrain myself when rinsing and overdyeing).

My anxiety levels have been pretty high in the last 10 days, and I had not been knitting or playing with yarn.  On Sunday, I took a break from endless organising and wrangling, and skeined some Colourmart  cashmere.   I actually googled washing instructions for it, and came back to my own blog.  I double stranded the 2/13 weight yarn to approximate a heavy fingering weight, and intend to make older daughter this hat for her December birthday.  There’s nothing like winding some supersoft cashmere to calm me down. You can see a couple of cakes of it under the sunglasses case.

Back to the packing – I will probably be out of blogging action for a couple of weeks while the fireman and I share a laptop.


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8 thoughts on “Thinking about friends”

  1. I, too, have found great comfort and friendship in online relationships made through blogging conversations. I’m happy to read that through your transition you’ll still have people all over the globe sending good wishes your way. Best of luck with everything and I’ll be checking back to see how you’re doing.

  2. Ingrid, the day I discovered your blog and business was a good day. I love the stuff you do and think you excellent taste! But more importantly getting to know you better has been a complete delight. I will be sending you good vibes for the times ahead 🙂

  3. “The bag is exactly the kind of thing that I would make if I had better taste”

    My turn to snort wine out of my nose (except, at 9am in the office, it’s coffee. Unfortunately).

    This is the kind of thing I think when I look at those achingly beautiful blogs from those gorgeous creative women.

    BTW – I’m looking forward to some face to face too. Not long now..

  4. There is nothing like some cashmere to soothe anxiety. I hope it’s having it’s way.
    I am wishing the girls, the fireman and yourself all make the transition very easily. And that you get the lionshare of the laptop usage to let us all know how you’re doing 😉

  5. Looking forward to meeting up with you again. When you’re ready to start visiting any of the loads of ‘knit-ins’ that take place in Sydney, I’m your woman!

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