Everything I do I do twice

2009-09-08 099

I was delaying blogging these socks – thinking that when I had finished younger daughter’s pair, I would write an everything I do, I do 2 times post, inspired by Siow Chin.  The socks are the plain vanilla Classic sock from Nancy Bush, knitted with cuffs, heels and toes from Louet Gems, and the body of the sock in Socks That Rock Lightweight. The size is the one where you cast on 48 stitches.  The girls chose the colour in 3 Bags Full in Vancouver. The contrasting heels and toes mean that one skein of Socks That Rock would definitely extend to two pairs of  elementary school sized socks with a relatively long leg. This pair are modelled by younger daughter, but were actually knitted for older daughter.

Younger daughter’s socks were my knitting group, and after school activities project, and I assumed that they were almost completely mindless.  I cast on for the second pair at knitting group and then continued working on the leg at the Hong Kong knit bloggers meet up, and then turned the heel fairly quickly.  At knitting group last Friday I had picked up the gusset stitches, and was checking my stitch count when I noticed that something was astray. It seemed like there were two extra stitches at the front of the sock.  I pondered this anomaly, and wondered if the gusset stitch markers were askew, and I’d picked up the wrong number of stitches.  Nope.  Upon studying the sock, I realised that I had cast on 50 stitches, an error so glaring, that in the cuff, there is a bank of four knit stitches instead of a neat knit 2 purl 2 rib. Despite the helpful suggestions of my knitting buddies that I make the error a a design feature; I instead had a sulk, threw the socks into my knitting bag, and thought that I should photograph them as a blog post.

Sock error

This sock has already been frogged, and I have done a row of purl stitches around the ribbing to distinguish younger daughter’s pair from her older sister’s.  When I cast on, I checked my stitch count twice…

Apart from astonishingly stupid knitting errors, I spent a couple of days last week in Shanghai trying to track down some new yarns.  I did stop in at Heng Yuan Xiang, and picked up some laceweight, and the shop has moved directly across the road, and now has no English signage at all.

Heng Yuan Xiang Nanjing Road Shanghai


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2 thoughts on “Everything I do I do twice”

  1. Those (completed) socks are just lovely!! I am knitting my first pair in ages and thinking about the yarn you sent which I have at home awaiting dyeing. I am thinking stripes…
    Look forward to hearing more about new yarns!

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