Baby Steps

Since the Sock Summit, I’ve had very little time to knit, with work, and the kids’ return to school occupying a lot of my time. I have a back load of baby gifts, and inspired by Brenda Dayne, decided to “make do and mend” some baby socks. Baby Socks

Project Details

Pattern“Oh, Baby” by Anne Hanson. I cast on for the size with 32 stitches (perhaps 9 months – they don’t exactly describe them), but then managed to make them the length of the size smaller. They look tiny, but the fault lies with me, I didn’t check my gauge. Next time I will make them on 2.5mm needles. To me (not having seen a newborn for a while) they look newborn sized. The recipient is already 3.5 months old, and Hong Kong is in the middle of a period of very hot weather where it is 29° celsius and 85% humidity by 6am.  It seems highly unlikely that they will be worn, but they might get used to dress a baby doll….

Needles: 2.25mm Knit Pro metal 80 cm circulars, worked magic loop

Yarn:  Some of the leftover Titan Super Trekking from these socks – 10 grams to be precise. If I had known that they would use so little, I would have engineered a prettier part of the colour way.

Undersoles We’ve had unpleasantness this week, with our older daughter being bullied by an older, bigger, “popular” boy on the bus (and it wasn’t the first incident).  Once again, lots of time has been spent on calls to the school, and on ferrying our offspring to and from school until the issue was resolved by his removal from the bus. Looking at the baby sock, I’m reminded how much my daughters have grown; but they still lots of love and protection. The same daughter did the styling on the photo shoot.  Apparently, every dolly needs a glittery dress to set off their hand knit socks.

Workwise, things continue to be very busy, and I’ve realised that I need even more assistance than the able help that I get from Rebecca, and have decided that I need someone to help out at least 20 hours per week. Hopefully, that will release more of my time for marketing, sourcing yarns, and parenting!

Anyone based in Hong Kong that is looking for flexible work for an online yarn retailer, please let me know. Ideally, the candidate will be a knitter, crocheter or other yarny type, and might have some Cantonese skills. They will be mainly weighing and packing orders, with some general administrative support as well. The new premises for the business look like being in Chai Wan. If anyone is interested, they should email me at


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4 thoughts on “Baby Steps”

  1. Bullying is nasty stuff. Been a victim of it myself, in my teen years. Horrendous.

    I have never yet managed to get little baby socks or shoes to be the size I thought they out to be – very tricky, but oh so cute!

  2. The socks are adorable – just love baby feet. So sorry to hear about the bullying issue. Such a drag. I hope it ends all right. Wish I lived in HK so I could apply for the job!

  3. Chai Wan?? aiya, so far la! ;p Would Mandarin skills help? (I read and write, but my Cantonese is still bad)

    I kid; I already have a job which gives me but a little free time. Would offer help for a few hours a week if you all are still in the need — anything to assist an online yarn debenture that’s hk-based.

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