Some of us arrived intact

The delay in finding me a room when I was checking into the hotel had me a little worried, but after 15 minutes, all was well.  As I unpacked my bag for a much needed shower, I discovered the following damage:

Broken neckApparently, styrofoam heads require more protection than hand knitted goods. I’ll need to find another way to display my Koolhaas at the Sock Summit.

In other news, I startled a pharmacist today by asking for Betadine sore throat gargle.  She said that they didn’t have anything like it, and that  “folks round here mainly use Iodine to make meth”.


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4 thoughts on “Some of us arrived intact”

  1. i am sooo looking forward to seeing you! and the rest of the SS2009 🙂
    we are leaving montana tommorow morning (i didn’t get into a class until saturday….) and i will be sure to stop by –
    also: there are tons of great 2nd hand stores in Portland – maybe you can find another head…

  2. LOL about the betadine… i’m a pharmacist and did you mean using hydrogen peroxide to gargle for sore throat? The best thing is actually cepastat sore lozanges – use it as soon as you feel a sore throat coming. It has pheno which kills the bug on the throat.

  3. Ingrid: It was so nice to finally meet you in person at the Sock Summit. I love my 5 pack of footscray. The dye arrived home intact – no leakage. I’m going to make it a big fun dyeing event with my knitting group. We’ll definitely post about it and let you know how it goes.

    Yes – that meth comment. That was a weird thing about Portland. Apparently the homeless and the meth addicts are a big problem there. You didn’t strike me as either!

    Hope you had a very successful showing at the Sock Summit.

    Safe travels home and happy knitting

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