Life of an online retailer

Yesterday I felt sorry for myself.  I had a cold, some severe self doubt about exhibiting at Sock Summit, and heaps of work to do.  My cold was just severe enough for me to have called in sick, had I been in paid employment; but not so sick that I couldn’t have done some knitting, and looked at the new Rowan magazine. Instead, I was working hard in the heat, and feeling wretched and self pitying. There was a track of unproductive thoughts running through my head, “what if no-one buys anything, what if I sell out on the first day, what if my stock does not arrive, why can’t I lie down and have a sleep, I wish that I could stop my nose from running, if I had a job like a normal person I could take sick leave” etc.

Then I took a break to have a cup of peppermint tea, and to allow the most recent dose of ibuprofen to work and I saw this blog post.

Aeolian shouldrette

Ailsa is sending me this work of art to show at the Sock Summit – it is Ailsa, dyed by her, and knitted by her.  It is an act of unbelievable generosity, and will hopefully encourage lots of people to buy her yarn.  Suddenly, I didn’t feel so bad about running my own business.  I remembered that I had met some truly repellent types in my previous working life, and that no-one calls me at 3 am to answer stupid questions any more.  Today, I feel much better after sleeping from 8.30 pm through to 5.45am, and will look at the Rowan magazine when I take older daughter to the doctor.


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2 thoughts on “Life of an online retailer”

  1. yep, it’s a pretty spectacular piece isn’t it? It’s very exciting that it’s going all the way to sock summit!

    Hope you feel better soon!

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