San Francisco and Australia

Imaginknit San FranciscoThe last stop in the US trip was San Francisco, and it was lovely.  We stayed in an apartment called Casa De Julia.  It is located in the Noe Valley, and had two bedrooms, broadband internet, and a lovely living area.  The Noe Valley neighbourhood was very family friendly, with funky shops and restaurants, and I would be very happy to stay there again.

Fortunately, there was a yarn shop within walking distance – Imaginknit. If we had been in San Francisco one month earlier, we would have also been able to visit Noe Knit, but it had already been replaced by an Aveda Salon.  Despite a few previous trips to the US, this was my first visit to a US yarn shop (astonishing I know).

Interior view - ImaginknitImaginknit was amazing – a thoroughly modern yarn shop, with a helpful staff, superb range, and swift and ball winder for customer use (my Australian readers will appreciate what an oddity this would be in Australia).  I was tempted by some Malabrido lace, and upgraded my ball winder to a lovely Royal ball winder, and was able to procure a copy of Norah Gaughan V5 on the day that it was delivered to the shop! I am a Norah Gaughan junkie, and she really has some beautiful patterns in this one – I could make Anhinga next week, and I also love Cormorant. The scale of the shop was amazing, with two very large rooms chock full of yarn and samples to look and feel.

Imaginknit samplesAfter San Francisco, we returned to Hong Kong for a manic week, and then we flew to Sydney to catch up with family and friends.  I’ve been in Australia for nearly two weeks now, and had a great time – I’ve visited 3 yarn shops, and purchased at every one, and had the privilege of meeting one of my favourite bloggers in Bowral! It was a tiny catch up, only  minutes in a cafe, but its great to meet a kindred spirit.  While “craftiness” is expected within my family (even amongst my in-laws), it is not that common amongst many of the people that I mix with.

Amongst the lawyers that I used to work with,  “craftiness” is pretty much anathema.   I love reading knitting blogs, and sometimes am amazed to read my exact thoughts. This piece in Knit and Tonic could have been written by me (except it has been a very long time since I fitted into my skinny jeans).  Meeting with other knitbloggers makes me feel that compulsive craftiness is okay – thanks Ailsa!

The detour to Bowral was occasioned because my sister had suggested that we go to Canberra with our kids to see the cultural sights.  We both heard a radio interview with Magda Sayeg (the woman behind Knitta Please), and then drove to the National Gallery to view her installation as part of the Softsculpture exhibition.  Softsculpture had closed the weekend before we went to Canberra, but the pillars to the gallery were still covered with their knitted coverings.  In the interview, Magda has said that part of the ambition of her art was to encourage people to interact with their surroundings, and all our children walked straight up to these pillars, and gave them a thorough manhandling.Pillars covered in knittingOther bloggers have done better coverage of this installation, but I was delighted that it achieved one of the goals set by its creator, and inspired by the fact that so many knitters had donated their time and effort to achieve this goal.  We are back to Hong Kong on Sunday – and then I need to prepare for Sock Summit!


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5 thoughts on “San Francisco and Australia”

  1. Even though I live in California (Southern), I’ve only visited ImagiKnit once. I was blown away. This is the MOST beautiful yarn shop I’ve ever seen. I have a photo on my desktop of my husband sitting and reading a San Francisco map in the middle of all that gorgeous ImagiKnit yarn! Now, I want to go back! Great post.

  2. Isn’t Imagiknit wonderful? I went there for the first time this past Christmas and managed to hit up Noe Knit too. In my opinion, Imagiknit is much cooler because it’s much bigger with more variety and the staff were really friendly and helpful. 🙂

    Wow, Noe Knit is out of business?

  3. as soon as I saw you’d been to imagiKnit I thought of all I’ve heard the girls on Stash and Burn talk about. It looks as wonderful as I’d imagined!

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