A finished object with a troll

When I took this photo, this Clapotis had not even been blocked, as I finished the ends on a Greyhound bus from Vancouver to Seattle.   I am a very latecomer to the Clapotis party (there are over 12,000 projects on Ravelry at last count), but I saw this picture of Giselle Bundchen and thought that with the help of a Clapotis, I could channel my inner Giselle (humour me here).  Can you tell which one is the troll?

Me with TrollAccording to Kate Gilbert, the Clapotis, does not need blocking – and it certainly had not been in this shot.  The Fremont troll is a statue in Seattle, and was fascinating to one small girl, and of no interest at all to the other.  After visiting the troll, we had fantastic Cuban sandwiches from Paseo, while watching the sailing on Lake Union from a friend’s house boat.  A lovely evening was had by all.

I have not taken any proper photos of the Clapotis – the week in Hong Kong before we came to Australia, was spent in a mad blur of orders. My Clapotis was made from Yarn Workshop Bomballa, dyed by me with Dylon “pewter grey” dye, that made it a lovely soft denimy blue (not really grey at all).  I deliverately overstuffed the pot when dyeing, and halved the salt, to achieve a lightly mottled yarn. I think that I knitted it on 4mm needles.  It is difficult to make an original comment on the Clapotis, I’ve worn mine heaps, the pattern was easy to learn, and the pattern is lovely in Bamboo yarn – a zillion people on Ravelry seem to have made one out of Bamboo yarn.

Mount RainierAfter Seattle, we had a lovely day trip to Mt Rainier, where the children were delighted to see snow still on the ground in late June.

Touching snowThis was followed by a hellish arrival in Portland, where the Embassy Suites did not honour our booking (despite being credit card confirmed).  The full details are here; I would rant more about the whole US travel industry, but we really did have a good trip despite this big and distressing glitch. My tip is to confirm all US hotel bookings on the day that you arrive if at all possible; and if you are told that the hotel is overbooked:

  1. Stay calm (I didn’t follow this at all, and had the embarrassment of being so angry that my younger daughter burst into tears);
  2. Insist on the industry standard treatment in the case of hotel over bookings: first night accommodation free, transfers to a new hotel, one free telephone call, transfer to a similar room in a similar class of hotel.  I had no idea until after the event that there was even a “standard industry practice”.
  3. Follow up afterward with complaints to the Hotel’s customer service department.  We eventually were advised that we would not be charged for both nights of the two night stay in Portland, after extensive email correspondence.

The rest of the trip to the West Coast of the US was amazing, and I still have another yarn shop report from San Francisco. I’ve also been yarn shopping in Australia, and met up with another knitblogger. I’ve had some IT issues on this trip (which finally seem to be resolved), so there will be more posts in the next few days.


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One thought on “A finished object with a troll”

  1. Talk about beauty and the beast!

    Your Clapotis is pretty. Sorry about the hard time at the hotel in Portland. People are overall friendly there. Snow, blech! I’m glad your girls enjoyed it though.

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