Vancouver for beginners

I did not know what to expect of Vancouver, not having visited Canada before. I was planning to visit my great uncle, but had no other ideas about what to expect.

View from our hotel

Well, Vancouver is a lovely place, with the world’s (so far as I know it) most courteous people, and my great-uncle (who is at least 89) was too busy to see us! Nonetheless, we had a wonderful time.  We ate well, walked far, and had a lovely time at the Aquarium.

We had fun stopping traffic by just looking like we were going to step off the curb. In Hong Kong, the pedestrian is one of the lowest life forms, and as one, you know that you never (despite the road rules) have the right of way.   Here, even if you look like stepping off the curb holding a 6 year old’s hand, people start slowing down… We’ve played the “no, you go first” game several times.  In Stanley Park, the flowers, and generally the landscape are amazing. I have no idea about the identity of these flowers, but they sure are photogenic.

Unknown flower

People in shops are lovely and friendly, and when one of our bags was missing at the airport (claimed by another passenger by mistake) the fellow who helped us acted like he had never encountered people with lost luggage before, and he was going to do everything within his power to locate it. He did within half an hour!

Of course, this is a knitting and travel blog, and I did yarn shop in Vancouver….

2009-06-22 123

In 3 Bags Full, a complete stranger asked my daughters for advice on her choice of STR Socks that Rock lightweight. I bought Misti Alpaca laceweight, more STR, and some contrasting Louet Gems for heels and toes, and the current Interweave Knits and Knit.1.  No photos yet of that stash, but here are more of the store.

2009-06-25This art work s actually connected by knitting, and looks a lot better than my photo of it! 3 Bags Full is a wonderful store, and I loved visiting it.

In other news, this is how much damage you can do to a car, instead of buying a new Janome Memorycraft 4900QC.  When I should have been attending WWKIP, I was writing up my car insurance claim…..

Car DamageDid you see, I maganged to get 3 panels with one small tiled wall.  While the insurance will help out, with the holiday, and the excess, the new sewing machine will be on the back burner for a bit, unless the god of second hand goods shines upon me.


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4 thoughts on “Vancouver for beginners”

  1. Well I hope it does shine on you. I feel quite responsible knowing you were going to the post office when it happened.

    Sounds like a great holiday, v jealous of the yarn shopping!

  2. I need to get back to Vancouver… I haven’t travelled there since I was a child, despite having grown up not too far away! 3 Bags Full would, of course, deserve its own line in the itinerary. Poor car, I hope that’s by far the worst of the mishaps on your trip.

    I’m pretty certain your purple globe flower is an allium, a cousin of the onion.

  3. What a pit! I stayed in Vancouver last month and I wished visit a shop like that but I couldn’t find a reference in google for this shop. Vancouver is really a very nice city. We were in love with it.
    Have a nice day!

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