Today’s post is brought to you by “School Cancelled”

Hong Kong loves to panic. The government, in their wisdom have cancelled school for all students primary aged or younger for two weeks, while warning Hong Kong residents not to panic about swine flu.  They did this after the first local community infection was reported.  Luckily, the girls only had one week of school left, but now I have two active children unexpectedly at home in one of the wettest months of the year. I will enjoy getting away for the holidays!

Ene's scarf progress

I’ve just finished updating the store with the new silk yarns, and offering a 10% discount in honour of the new products. Now I’m going to look at my Ene’s scarf earnestly. I made it through the first 2 charts with no problems (so I thought).  On starting chart 3, I’ve discovered that I have too many stitches, and have to try and figure out where I went wrong. I have a vision of myself wandering the cool streets of Vancouver swathed in my new 100% silk shawl, but the likelihood of it coming to fruition seems to be diminishing.

Speaking of Vancouver, what yarn store should I visit? I’m compiling a wishlist of items to buy on my visit to the West Coast, and it includes a new ball winder, Norah Gaughan Vol.5, more qiviut (of course). Not surprisingly, the hotel’s website doesn’t feature yarn shops in the area guide.  It might surprise some, but this will be my first visit to a North American local yarn store.  Of course, I’ll report back.

The photo is pretty poor, but I had a mad panic when the new Knitty went up with an advertisment advertising yarns that were not yet listed in the store.  My yarnography skills could do with a lot of improvement, but when I’m try to take photos at speed, under rapidly fading light – really not good. I’ll probably have to redo the photos one day when the light is a lot better, ideally when I don’t have a 5 and 6 year old there to help me!


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3 thoughts on “Today’s post is brought to you by “School Cancelled””

  1. So tempted by the silk yarns! Knowing a real life Ailsa, I think you have picked “her” yarn perfectly!!

    Jealous of your Nth America trip…am sure you will find some gorgeous yarns

  2. I am likewise jealous of your trip .. i hope you all have a great time.
    I am still in the toss up in deciding which of the new yarns i want most …i tell you this is a hard decision they all look yummy and i am terrible at making decisions.

    My kids keep hoping they will close the school here too, some of the schools around here have been closed because of swine flu just not their school .. yet. The kids are ever hopeful, i am horrified at the thought.
    Are they doing the 1 week of total isolation at home with confirmed cases ?

  3. I actually like the photos. I remember thinking that when I first looked at them, way before I even read this post.

    Great work with the knitty ad – good luck!

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