Single mitt syndrome

I’ve never had any problem with Second Sock Syndrome – but I seem to be suffering from single mitt syndrome badly.  I finished the first of these mitts last week, and have not picked them up since.  I feel all “meh” about them, probably because it is about 95% humidity and 30° (that’s 85° for you fahrenheit types).  Here it is, in its unblocked glory:

Frankston Serpentine Mitts

The past couple of weeks have been crazy – I’ve had a family cancer scare (negative thankfully), a shipment of yarn arrive (silk, silk, and more silk), Sock Summit to prepare for,  the server hosting the shop coming under attack, orders to send, and a big complicated argument with my daughters’ school that has necessitated many long, rather fraught meetings.

So, I’ve been ignoring the second mitt. It is not the yarn, it feels lovely, but 100% merino in this weather? Just not appealing. They won’t get worn until the trip to Australia in July in any event.  All details here (Ravelry link). I dyed the Frankston with Siow Chin and Mindy when we had a dyeing party here.

In other news, I’ve been really hating the Hong Kong traffic, and had been complaining to my husband that the air conditioning in the car did not seem to be working properly.  At lunchtime today, just as I was feeling really hot, bothered and frustrated, I realised that the seat heater was on, and had been set to maximum! Now, I am off to the yarn storage locker, and the supermarket, hopefully without the feeling that my rear end is on fire.


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3 thoughts on “Single mitt syndrome”

  1. Oh dear, but glad to know the past few weeks are now behind you. Put the knitting aside and take out your sewing. No way to knit with wool in this humidity. I’ve been trudging even with knitting cotton and am spending my weekends sewing/quilting. Thanks for your email, I think I missed the sale so I might just go for the downloadable ones and see how they work.

  2. I sympathise Ingrid, I knit my sister socks for her birthday this year .. her birthday is 6th january… it was over 30C every single day. I agree with Siow Chin, put away the knitting for a cooler day and take out your sewing, just don’t try to sew quilts in that heat.
    The glove looks great though and you will finish them, just not this week 🙂
    My girls are currently waiting for me to finish suffering from second glove syndrome, i got distracted and started a pair of basic socks instead. Which is totally not like me who always finishes one project before she starts another.
    I’m glad your yuck week has finished, i bet you are looking forward to the sock summit, well in a way, it sounds like it will be busy.

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